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Default Theme # 41: Thestrals
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“My Father”

Theme # 41: Thestrals

“What? You can see Thestrals?” Draco demanded, watching Theodore stroking the air. Lazily, almost absent-mindedly, Theodore jerked his head in a yes. Draco ogled at him.

“That day … When Hagrid asked ….” Draco began. “You didn’t raise your hand …” he stopped, rather lamely. Theodore looked up at him in a so-what attitude and shrugged. Pansy’s eyes were wider than they had ever been before – Even wider than the occasion when Malfoy had been turned into an amazing bouncing Ferret.

“Whom did you see die?” Draco asked, taking a step closer to him.

“My father,” Theodore replied, a very enigmatic smile playing around his lips.

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