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Dressed in White: #78 Author's Choice - pink

The bride was beautiful. She carried white roses with a silver ribbon, and Tonks wondered what cruel person chose white for a wedding dress. She’d stain it for sure. And an outdoor wedding… grass stains!

But Fleur pulled it off. She floated down the aisle, and Tonks actually got a lump in her throat at the look of adoration that crossed Bill’s face. Or maybe it was a giggle. Regardless.

She leaned into her neighbor, pink hair on faded tweed. “I’m going to wear flowers in my hair at our wedding. Pink flowers. Pink hair.”

Remus snorted. “You are incorrigible.”

I actually wrote this for a different prompt and realized I'd forgotten to use the word. But then I liked it just as it was... so I used my author's choice.
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