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*gasp* It's a new update!! And to answer spiker745's question: the can't apparate because 1) there isn't enough room for them to spin 2) the house was loaded with security charms, one of which was an anti-disappartion jinx and 3) if they could have just apparated away, we wouldn't have a story to write. *nods* tee hee

She’d done the spell we knew would be risky but, in addition to the clanging noise, there was another noise. The house was going to collapse the rest of the way. For a moment I thought it wasn’t so bad since being dead would be one way of getting out of the situation but, I still wanted to live- us to live. I’m not noble by nature and I don’t know what made me do it but, for the second time that day I made a grab for Bones as I called out to her. She couldn’t hear me and I didn’t make it to her in time.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I jumped backwards, even as I reached for Bones. I choked at the dust and tried to see in front of me but, the wand light had gone out. "Bones?" I called out. "You alright?" I called out, slowly feeling my way around, finding rubble where she had been. Had they been cut off from one another? Or was she now laying under the rubble? I swore loudly when I didn't hear any response. I was going straight to Azkaban without a trial if they thought I’d killed her and she wouldn’t be around to testify that it was actually she who cast the spell which finished her off.

My hands caught something that was solid rock while I was still groping around the debris. "Ugh, sorry," I apologized, gently caressing Bones' face before feeling down the length of her body. Her legs were caught and she must have bumped her head. I continued groping around for her wand and when I found that, I tried lighting it to no effect. The wand just wasn't compatible with me. Great. I began shifting some of the rubble by hand, hoping to get Bones freed without the rest of the house crashing down on us when she started showing signs of life. She was muttering incoherently to herself, though I did manage to catch the name, “Harry.”

Maybe she’d make it out okay. I tried to remember what to do for someone with a head injury and vaguely recalled something about keeping them awake. I had no idea what to say to her but, if I could get her talking coherently, maybe I could figure out what was hurt. "No, it's Nott. Can you feel your legs?" I finally asked, pulling away some more rubble. I got one leg free but, couldn't tell what the damage was in the dark.

"Both of them. They hurt," she mumbled vaguely and then tried to roll over, probably to go back to sleep.

"Don't move!" I cautioned, placing a hand on her hip to prevent her from shifting. "I've almost got them unstuck but, I think they'll still hurt. Maybe not as much, though. Talk to me while I work." I knew I sounded a stupid hero but, it was all he could think to say. I didn’t really want to listen to her babble on but, it was the best way to ensure she stayed awake. Why did I care so much about her well-being again? I seemed to have forgotten again... Oh yes, if she wasn’t well enough to tell the rescuers what had happened, I was going to be in more serious trouble than I already was.

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