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I know it's been a while, and this isn't even a great update. I promise the NEXT update will be a lil bit better... very canon too. Thanks to my five readers. You're mentioned one way or another in this update... and I hate to say that THAT was teh reason this update isn't as good to me. I had to figure out how to add people. Have fun. I shall update soon. Love to you all.

With the hood of her dark cloak pulled up, Tonks moved into position beside the slowing train. She watched as Proudfoot chatted with Hagrid by the carriages, while Savage prowled the path back into Hogsmeade. Dawlish blinked owlishly into the dark lake waters lapping at the station dock.

The screech of brakes on metal drew Tonks to the train, and she watched the prefects disembark and organize the following wave of students. She actually recognized a fair few who had been first years when she was a seventh, as well as distant cousins and children of fellow Ministry workers, Tonks realized distantly. There was Kristiana Prince, 7th year prefect, positioning the pile of trunks just so. The dark-haired girl offered a hand to Tonks as she tripped over a child she recognized to be the youngest Andrez boy. His mum was on the St. Mungo’s fundraising committee with her own mother.

“Merlin, Tonks! You’re a fright in that hood,” she turned to face the two sixth year Gryffindor prefects. Weasley gave her an appraising look. “Is it… are you in disguise?” It was clear he didn’t think much of the disguise if she was. Amateurs… pulling up a hood did not constitute a disguise.

The hood fell back with a shove of disgust, revealing a pale, tired face. “I’m trying not to blend in with the students. Guess it might be a bit melodramatic,” she smiled thinly, but it felt mechanical. Everything did right now. “Where’s Harry?”

They exchanged glances, letting enough silence lapse that a third year pushed between them and trod on Tonks’ toe. She recognized the Gryffindor boy as the nephew of the Keeper McAiken. Her toe throbbed. “He’s coming out further back,” Ron finally offered, and Hermione glanced over her shoulder. “We got separated.”

“Just so long as he does get off,” Tonks moved past them without saying good bye. She could feel their eyes on her, but she merely squared her shoulders and planted her feet. Each child exiting the train was weighed and measure by her eyes before rushing on to clamber into a carriage or boat. There was her third cousin on her mother’s side, Lissy Nigellus, climbing into the last carriage, and Proudfoot’s great niece, Kimmi Luther, splashing unsuccessfully as she tried to get into one of the boats.

Tonks turned her back once more on the students, facing the train. Surely Harry hadn’t slipped by her, but the train seemed to have emptied. She even spotted Malfoy hurrying along the length of the train, scuffling his feet as he moved. “Come on, Potter… don’t tell me you missed the train again?” She was glad no one was near her to hear her mad ravings. Even so, she turned to see that the other three had gathered by the engine and were preparing to leave.

Proudfoot waved for Tonks to join him, but she shook her head and turned her back. “Come on, Tonks! We’ve got a warm supper waiting for us and I don’t fancy making Savage attempt another reheating charm.” Tonks didn’t move, her gaze never leaving the line of doors leading into the train. What was he playing at? The engineer was already checking the train for departure.

“Tonks!” Proudfoot was suddenly in front of her, obscuring her view of the doors. “Don’t make me pull rank on you, girl. We’re hungry and it’s time to…” He jumped as Tonks pushed him out of the way rather forcefully.

“You go on and eat. Harry Potter didn’t get off the train, and I’m going to look for him on board,” she grabbed the bar and swung herself up the steps into the first car. The whole train gave a lurch under her feet, and Tonks hit the wall. He wouldn’t be obvious, but she didn’t have time to check every car. Where was Harry? Was he hiding? Was he hurt? Tonks didn’t feel as if she’d failed Remus. She felt as if she’d failed herself.
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