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So here we are again, and I've made you all wait for AGES for this fic... how totally rude of me! Anyway... I'm caught up with my scary real life and scary online duties, and my muse came back for a short minute. Bad news... this isn't the bit that includes five of my readers. Good news is... it's a bit that I didn't know needed writing until Tonks poked me. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being so patient with me.

With only the prospect of the Hogwarts Express arriving to look forward to, Tonks spent most of her day half-heartedly reading every bit of paper on her desk. She binned some of it, but most of it went back into an almost neat pile on the corner of the desk. Her sense of purpose was waning, and as it went, her grief over Remus was returning stronger than before.

Since the meeting yesterday, he’d come to mind almost constantly. It was Snape’s fault really… he’d been the one to poke around in her mind without asking. He’d obviously upset some mental wall she’s established, and now it was impossible to get it back up again. Tonks only hoped that having the children return to school would be distraction enough to get her back on track.

At the thought of the children, Tonks glanced at the clock. It wasn’t even noon yet! With a heavy sigh, she plunked her head onto her arms as they splayed across her desk. Maybe a trip to the Hog’s Head… but no, that’s where Dawlish and Savage were headed for lunch. No way she could slip in there for a bite without having to socialize with her fellow Aurors, and she just wasn’t up for sparring with Savage or reassuring Dawlish once again that Dumbledore had no intention of hexing him for last year’s happenings.

She heard the ruffle of feathers and felt a puff of air against her face. Tilting her head and opening one eye, Tonks watched an owl hunker down on her tidy pile of papers and knock them askew. It was a patchy-looking owl, clearly a rental and definitely not an expensive one. That realization alone had Tonks reaching for the parchment attached to its leg.

Tonks –

As I'm sure you are aware, Harry arrives on the train today. I’ve heard from Kingsley that you are stationed in Hogsmeade, and I was hoping you might be willing to take it upon yourself to keep an eye out for him. He doesn't always have the best judgement in seeking out dangerous situations, and it would most certainly be disasterous for anything to happen to him. If you do not wish to do this for my sake, please take care of Harry on Sirius's behalf. Harry was the most important person in Sirius’s life. I wish that Feel free to write to me regarding Harry’s welfare.

-Remus J. Lupin

She groaned and hit her head against the desk, causing the owl to scramble away from the mad woman. The pile of papers flew every which way, but she paid no attention to the mess. Instead, she grabbed up a partially completed expense report and jotted out a return note.

Remus J. Lupin,

You are an idiot.

-Nymphadora Tonks

With a noise that was half laugh and half sob, Tonks rose from her chair to grapple with the hysterical owl, attaching the note and sending it on its way.
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