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Originally Posted by JoHermione
Wonderful update, Maxie! <3

*waits for more*
Thanks a lot. As I said earlier, I can just not find any thing else to say. *loves on Emma* I'll try to post soon.
Originally Posted by Jay

Bow to my Supremeness all - I have taken over to say that I am the Best. *gets poked* Errrmmmm.....As in I am the best reader of this story. *gets poked again* *glaresz* I merely meant that I am the best reader with the name Jay in this story. *glompsz and lovesz*

Brilliant story Max - Lovin' your descriptions. You have a cute way with the emotions to. *petsz* PAMS!!! PAMS!!! PAMS!!! *titter-hugsz*

Lovez, Hugsz and Glompsz,
And here's cousion Jay to annoy me eh? Strange how I know almost everyone who came here beforehand. *feels special* Thanks.

Announcement: I have a Writer’s Block. *headdesk* I’ve written half a dozen more posts and would’ve written more, but I stumbled on a very silly, highly annoying Writer’ Block. I fashioned a Slytherin who is so nice in every respect that you can’t help say “Wow” but then – I don’t such adorability can go with Slytherin. It’s too sweet a character. I’m stuck. No idea what to do. I’m not sure if I should make a Slytherin so extremely nice…..Anyone? 0_o

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