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Cool - *Really Long Post* -
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“Ouch,” I woke up with a start. I had sdozed off in the common room and someone had hit me with a – a – a wand. “Who the heck is that?” I asked angrily, rising in my seat. “Oh sorry, love,” a voice from the corner said, followed by giggles. I spun around. Ronnie was sitting there with Alice Blake, who was giggling.

“What were you thinking of?” I asked, rubbing my head. I glared at her. “You weren’t waking, sleepy head,” Lily Evans said. She smiled at me. “So she…uhh….” “So you decided to hit me with your wand?” I snapped at Ronnie. But I was half-amused actually. Ronnie laughed. “Well Lily’s here and I thought you’d like to tell her something,” she told me with a mischievous glint in her eye. “So I woke you up.”

Pushing back my hair and stifling a yawn, I checked my watch. It was eight and there was still an hour before curfew. The Fat Lady swung aside and the portrait hole opened to reveal a mane of really unkempt hair. James walked inside, laughing his head off at some stupid joke, accompanied by Remus and Sirius and followed closely by Peter Pettigrew. With them was Frank Longbottom, black haired and handsome. Alice’s eyes nearly popped out as he entered.

“Did you see the look on old Snivellus’ face?” James was saying loudly. He stopped short, however, the moment he caught sight of Lily. He looked around airily, as though nothing had happened, but I could tell he didn’t want to be caught by Lily, boosting of what he’d done to Snape that day. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him.

“How are you, Lily?” He asked and his tone wasn’t the haughty one he’d been talking in anymore. It was somehow different – pleasant, deep and mature. “Fancy a walk, anyone?” He asked but anyone could see that his question was aimed at Lily.

“I’m out,” Lily announced and a small smile crept up my face. James looked pleadingly at me, Ronnie and Alice. Alice went into another fit of giggle – She isn’t a help at all. Ronnie looked back at him with a smile. “I’d love to come,” she announced. But I had a brilliant idea in mind – I knew Lily wouldn’t’ go unless all of us were agreeing to go. And I wasn’t going to agree – Because I wnated to teach James Potter what you got when you picked on every other innocent student.

I watched as Ronnie rose to her feet. So did Alice, still giggling madly as she looked at Frank Longbottom. Lily cast me an annoyed glance. “You aren’t going too, are you?” She asked sullenly. I looked at James’ pleading face, at Alice’s glowing one, at Lily’s thoroughly tired-of-that-obnoxious-man expression and shook my head. “I’m not going. No way.”

As James’ face fell, Lily’s brightened up. Alice was too preoccupied in waving at Frank to notice what was going on, but Ronnie elbowed me fiercely. James gave me another pleading look. “Please,” he mouthed while Sirius merely looked on. I turned away. I was extremely glad of the fact that Sirius didn’t look interested. I would have found it difficult to refuse if he had been so.

“We can go to the library,” Lily said delightedly. I nodded but Ronnie poked me hard. “Are you two coming or not?” she asked angrily. Ronnie is a bit too keen on hooking Lily with James. And so is Alice. James probably knows it too. Come to think of it it’s not a big secret – In fact it isn’t a secret at all.

“I’m not coming,” Lily declared. Ronnie gave her a shove. “Fine,” Ronnie said angrily. “This is the last time we meet, Lily Evans.” And, crossing her arms against her chest, she shot Lily a furious look. Lily sighed. “Come on, Lils,” Alice said calmly, finally catching up. “Just this once. I feel like it. The moon is looking so beautiful.”s

“And romantic,” James added in an undertone. Lily heard him. She shot him a scathing look. She looked at me for a second. Then she saw Ronnie’s and Alice’s expressions and sighed. “Oh, I’ll come,” she said finally and briskly. “But I have five minutes to spare and no more. Coming Serene?”

“No, thank you,” I said firmly. James downcast face began to glow once more. He offered Lily her hand which she didn’t take. Slightly put out, he went out of the common room with her. Lupin, Peter, Sirius, Alice and Ronnie all glanced at each other. “Shall we go then, Frank?” Alice asked, giggling again. Frank smiled at her and she winked back at him. They both followed James and Lily. Sighing, Lupin shook his head. Ronnie followed him out of the door and they both joined Frank and Alice. “Fine,” I thought grudgingly. I stormed over to the fireplace and sat down in the sofa, feeling furious. For the first time I felt so friendless. Even Lily had deserted me. And Ronnie wasn’t exactly being a great best friend.

I leaned back in my chair, my eyes half-closed. “You’ll miss all the fun,” a familiar voice said and I was jolted back to earth. I didn’t know Sirius hadn’t left. He was standing at the entrance to the Common Room, his hair falling over his face with a natural elegance. I could feel myself flush. Trying not to blush, I tried to smile, but in vain. Those deep eyes meant the world to me. “It will be a load of fun trying to see James persuade Lily to go out with him,” he said, throwing back his handsome hair. “Trust me – you don’t wan to miss it.”

I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to. A moment ago I would have missed it. Now I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
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