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Originally Posted by Laura
Wow...that was great! Snape deserved it! Even though I don't know what he did... lol! Oh, and thanks for reading my fanfic... I'm glad you liked it... PAMS!!!!
Maybe James and Sirius like cursing him. He might be good for testing new spells....
Originally Posted by Chris
*squee* Hiya Maxie, new reader here

I have to say I love the story so far. The canons are as juicy as ever, and the made-ups complete the scenes so well. I can't wait to read more <33

You have an awesome style of writing. Keep the updates coming!

Mah Chrisy! Thanks a lot. *loves* I'm so happy you like it. You're a great reviewer.
Originally Posted by Emma
Maxie. Maxie. Maxie!

I absolutely adore it so far. You can describe things very well.

Can't wait for more! ♥

Edit:: I see Chris. *waves*
Thanks a lot, Emma. I really don't know what else to say. *blushes*
Originally Posted by Sabsy
Maxie! *hugs*

I love it already. You have excellent descriptions and a nice way with the emotions. Update as soon as you can!
'Lo Sabsy-Wabsy. Long time, no see. *huggles* Thanks!

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