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Ronnie and I pushed our way through the hordes of people making their way up to the castle. My twin brother – who looks as different from me as possible – ran past, thumping me on the back. Mia Anderson giggled. I’ve long harboured a suspicion she likes him – a lot. Ronnie rolled her eyebrows. And then, from amidst the crowd, a shrill scream of terror erupted. Passing students froze to the spot and a hush fell over. But I calmly continued walking, knotting my waist length hair into a ponytail. I knew what had happened too well. But as another scream broke through the air I couldn’t help it. After all – I was a Prefect.

I spun around to see Severus Snape laying on the ground, not too far away, a ghastly gash in his side from where blood was spurting. Sirius Black and James Potter were standing over him, their wands aloft. I could tell Lily wasn’t around for James has stopped laying hands on Snape while she is around. The other Prefects stood at a distance, silently watching. They didn’t dare to go too close –Who knew what Sirius and James could do?

When it comes to those two even the Prefects hesitate. And that is what makes me really angry at Remus Lupin. They will never say anything to him and he knows it. But still he doesn’t try to stop them. And here he was, watching as his two best maters picked on Snape again. Blood continued to gush out from Severus’ side. He tried to get up but in vain.

The sight of blood was beginning to make me sick. I swallowed and made my through the crowd. I muttered a spell under my breath and the blood vanished. That made James and Sirius both look up.

“James, leave him,” I said through clenched teeth and Severus struggled to his feet. He whipped out his wand but before he could do anything, he was hanging in the air by his ankles, thanks a lot to Sirius. I didn’t know what to do. Sirius always seemed to take away all my courage, which was a bit of a problem for me – Seeing that Sirius was ALWAYS up to something he shouldn’t be. How could I tell him off? I took a deep breath and resolutely set my face.

“Sirius, stop it,” I cried warningly. “Or…Or…” “Or what?” He asked. His mischievous face was twisted in a handsome grin and glossy locks of rich hair fell over his shining eyes. I tried not to blush and was thankfully successfully. “Let him down.” I said calmly. Sirius laughed…I could feel butterflies twittering madly in my stomach. But I couldn’t back out now. I had duties up my sleeves.

“I’m disappointed in you, Remus,” I said angrily to Lupin. The poor boy is so touchy. He lowered his eyes. I couldn’t help smiling. I flicked my wand and Snape was back on the ground. “Severus you will not curse those idiots, no matter whatsoever,” I told him fiercely. I wished Snape didn’t disassociate himself from society this much. Then his friends could stick up for him and I wouldn’t have to butt in every time Lily wasn’t around. But friend isn’t certainly a word that goes with Snape. In fact I’m one of the few who still call him “Severus.”

“I will,” he spat at me. I sighed. That’s the way Snape has lost all his friends – He used to have some in the beginning. “Fine,” I retorted angrily. I stormed away. Ronnie shrugged as I joined her where the carriages still stood. “Those two are impossible,” she said, yawning. “I guess,” I replied absent-mindedly as another scream rang through the air. Poor Snape – Or not?
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