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Arrow Ecstasy: A Marauder Time Romance - Sa13+
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A Romance that revolves around the Marauders' Time at Hogwarts.
How James and Lily, Frank Longbottom and Alice, and many other made-ups got together.

The carriages screeched to a sudden halt in front of Hogwarts and I leaned out to look at the ancient castle. It was a windy night and my dark black, clashing brightly with my fair complexion, hair flew about my face. Ronnie twirled a lock of my hair around her finger. I paid no attention to her. As I looked at the castle I wondered what I would do after this year.

It was my last year at Hogwarts and my career ambitions were still uncertain. Despite two years of being pestered by Professor Dumbledore, the Transfiguration teacher, to think of what lay ahead; I couldn’t bring myself to do it. A year ago I gad believed that my O.W.L results would help me plan my future profession. But eleven Outstanding and two Exceeds Expectations O.W.Ls didn’t prove to be much help in deciding which subjects to pursue and which not to.

Ronnie poked me fiercely and I tore myself away form my thoughts. “Veronica Dayle, what are you doing?” I said angrily.

“Can you get out, Serene, or are you planning to spend the whole year here?” she asked, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, sorry,” I said meekly, immediately jumping down from the carriage. I glanced once more at Hogwarts. Its turrets towered over us and as I breathed in the familiar scent, I wondered if this year could possibly be different from my previous years at Hogwarts.

If this year, Sirius Black might finally fall for me.

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