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Aw... sorry to keep you all waiting. I'm trying to keep the updates on rotation, and it's FINALLY time for Shades to be updated again. Stupid muse kept flying up the chimney everytime I tried to write. She is NOT getting her quarterly raise. This bit is mostly narrative, but there's some chatter at the end.

The difference between a house like Grimmauld and 51 Scuppery Way was immediately apparent. Grimmauld was certainly older and darker, when it was visible at least, and it was closed in on either side by two very similar old family homes. Fifty-one Scuppery, or The Scup as Tonks insisted they call it, was a boxy two-story building that sprawled across the street from the Hog’s Head. From the functional front stoop, the Auror’s could see the Hogsmeade station and the road leading up to Hogwarts.

The biggest difference between the two buildings only became apparent after Tonks had been in The Scup for a good two days. Where Grimmauld had been dreary and so often quiet, the Scup was constantly in motion. Where Grimmauld had been a place of dark secrets and clandestine meetings, everyone knew that The Scup was an Auror post and had spell-proof holding cells in its basement. Tonks almost felt that she could change her hair to any color of the rainbow in a place like The Scup, with all its purpose and efficiency. Almost.

There was plenty for the four Aurors to do as they set up housekeeping. Proudfoot, given the lead for the team due to seniority, worked on the two big rooms downstairs. One had been a library, the other a study. He took the study for himself and set up shop for the other three in the library. Dawlish seemed to be good with spells, and he cleaned and fortified the basement and outer walls of the house.

Savage had tried to hand off cleaning duties in the kitchen and bedrooms to Tonks, since obviously all witches knew some good cleaning spells. Her father was a bit of a slob at times, so she actually did know a good number of cleaning spells, but it was so… preposterous. Proudfoot laughed when she upended a bucket of sudsy water over Savage’s head. She left him muttering about the doxy dung stains on the floor as she headed into the village proper for some supplies.

“Tonks, love!” She recognized the gruff voice even before she turned to take in the squat, rumpled man coming out of the Hog’s Head. He looked oddly lumpy, and she pocketed her list in anticipation of having to pull something illegal out of one of his pockets. “Jes’ been havin’ a drink with Albus. Well, I been drinkin’ and he’s been pourin’, you know how it is.”

“What have you got, Dung?” He was reeling, and she didn’t even have to touch him. With a monstrous hiccup, he dropped a fragile looking porcelain tea kettle and an odd armor hand. The kettle bounced as if made of Muggle rubber, and the armor hand hit Dung’s foot, causing him to topple over as he grabbed for his foot.

“Dung! Those are Harry’s. Everything in Aunt Walburga’s house… Sirius’s house… belongs to Harry. Do you really want to be known as the man who is stealing from the Chosen One?” She laid it on thick, remembering the ridiculous articles from earlier in the summer.

He looked frightened as he scrabbled backwards in a crabwalk. “Didn’ steal ‘em. Jes carryin’ ‘em for a bit. You kin have ‘em.” He apparated from the ground, and Tonks scooped up the two harmless artifacts. They were old Black antiques, but they weren’t dangerous. Still, since word had come that it was safe to return to Grimmauld, apparently no one had taken up residence there aside from Mundungus.

She’d have to remember to talk to someone about it. Her mind immediately went to Remus, but she didn’t want to be the first one to break the silence between them, especially if he ignored her efforts. Tonks decided to worry about it later, opting instead to head towards a small Wizarding grocery she’d seen tucked behind Honeydukes. Those men had better not expect her to cook, either. She wasn’t playing maid to that lot.

You should read this.

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