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It's been a while since my last update, but those of you who have stuck with me are much appreciated. I love you all, and I hope you enjoy this update.

Time was an odd thing. Days and weeks could pass in the blink of an eye, while a few short moments stretched on into infinity. The reverse could be true as well… those times you wanted to drag out and savor were inevitably too short, and time seemed to stand still when you had no joy in your life to color the long, empty days. Tonks, swiveling slightly in her chair and tapping her pencil against the table, was getting to be an expert at long, empty days.

She’d seen Remus that morning on her way in to work. He was in the lift, his fingers clenched white on a stack of papers, and Tonks had watched his mouth open and close stupidly before he darted out on the appropriate floor. All this time, and he still wouldn’t forgive her for her absolute stupidity. She wasn’t about to forgive herself either.

“Tonks! Hello-ooo?” She blinked and looked dully at the red-faced man sitting next to her. “If you don’t stop tapping your pencil, I’m going to take it from you and…” He proceeded to detail the anatomically improbable things he planned to do with her pencil, and Tonks meekly laid it down.

Savage grunted in digust and looked back towards the front of the common area. All the Aurors had been called together for their weekly meeting, but no one had arrived yet to take control of things. “And that’s another thing. You used to tell me off and make it actually enjoyable to snap at you. This mousey Tonks act is getting old. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, snap out it!”

The man’s diatribe faded into background noise as Tonks tugged on her still sandy brown hair and attempted to pull her thoughts together. She thought again of Remus in the lift, followed by her conversation with Molly, followed by her shared moment with Remus at Grimmauld…

“That’ll be enough. I want silence,” Tonks withdrew from her quiet self-torture to eye Scrimgeour. In spite of the fact that the man was no longer Head of the department, he still frequented these meetings. It didn’t take a genius to see that he was still firmly in control of the Aurors.

Scrimgeour cleared his throat and gave each of them a personal penetrating stare. “We… have a mandate. We have a clear purpose from the Wizarding society that we are sworn to protect, and you each must live up to that purpose.” His yellow-eyed glare caught each Auror by turn as he wound himself up into a royal rant against the general laziness of the current Aurors and their clear role in the fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Tonks let her mind wander. She knew her role in Wizarding society. They all did. Being an Auror was too hard and too dangerous for someone to get into it for the glory. That’s what the Hit Wizards were for. Everyone knew that department would take anyone who could tell which way to hold a wand.

“… and Shacklebolt tells me that there have been several thwarted attempts on the Minister’s life, but he feels we’re on a downward slide in attacks on that office…” The mention of Kingsley perked Tonks’ ears a bit, but she soon grew melancholy again at the reminder that she was without another of her dearest friends. It was grand that he’d been given such a brilliant assignment, but she was miserable without Kingsley AND Remus. And of course, she was avoiding the rest of the Order out of a sick desire to punish herself by avoiding any mention of Remus.

She was pulled from her reverie once again by movement around her. Scrimgeour was talking about something other than his usual nonsense, and she was missing it. “…so I want a few Aurors to take up residence in the village and assist in guarding the school.” The school was… Hogwarts, and Tonks hand shot up even before her counterparts.

Scrimgeour’s gaze slid across Tonks twice before any other hands went up in the air. “Proudfoot… Savage…” He glared at a few of the Aurors sitting in the front row, urging them with his eyes to put up their hands. Finally, another hand went up. “Yes… good. Dawlish.”

Tonks couldn’t fault Dawlish for not wanting to volunteer. He’d been dragged along to Hogwarts last year and made to look the fool when Dumbledore slipped through his very fingers. It took a lot of courage for Dawlish to voluntarily return to Hogwarts, especially with Dumbledore back in charge.

The Minister of Magic’s eyes roved the group again, and he could no longer avoid the petite woman in the back row, stabbing her hand fiercely in the air almost violently. “Fine… Nymphadora will join Dawlish, Savage, and Proudfoot at the group house in Hogsmeade.” There was an obvious frown creasing the corners of his mouth and eyes, but Tonks was victorious.

It didn’t matter if Scrimgeour didn’t trust her because she was young and female; she was going to Hogwarts. Up until this moment, she hadn’t realized that the best thing would be for her to get away from her empty apartment and all the little things that were reminding her of Remus. And what better assignment than to be near Harry and the other children? She settled back into her chair, her arms crossed, and listened to the rest of the meeting, feeling better about her life than she had in a long while.
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