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First Year

The school erupted in thousands of confused whispers. Screams and shouts emitted from the mouths of the younger, more frightned pupils who clearly had no idea what was going on. Nor did anyone else for that matter.

"Hermione? Are you all right?" Ron's timid voice drifted up the girls staircase gently.

"GO AWAY RON!" she screamed unmercifully at him.

Ron flinched at the words but refused to 'go away'.

"Hermione? I'm coming up"

"DON'T" Was the harsh reply.

"TOUGH!" Ron bellowed up at her and began his climb up the banister of the stair case trying carefully not to touch the steps.

Quater of an hour later, he made it and stomped angrily around the girls dormitorys until he found the seventh year girls dorm. He found a brunette haired girl thrown untildily on her bed, sobbing sadly.

"Hermione?" He asked once more.

"What?" her voice was blunt, but it was clear she had been crying.

"Look, i think McGonagalls a cruel evil scarlett woman for shouting at you if that helps, she had no right to scream at you like that way and i don't think you should be up here crying your beautiful eyes out."

"You called my eyes beautiful" Hermione told him quietly.

"Yes," he replied just as quiet, he began to walk to her bed and sat next to her as she pushed her pillow to the side. "I did"

"Why?" She asked as she sat up fully. Her face tear stained. Ron began to brush them away as she stopped her crying.

"Because i think you are the most stunning woman in the entire world and i think that it's a waste to let only your pillow see that beautiful face of yours."

"Ron, you called my face beautiful not my eyes"

"Hermione" Ron smiled at her leaning in slightly, " you are beautiful. Every part of you"

And kissed her.

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