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I was tired of doing all the work around here so, after she was satisfied that I wasn’t a Death Eater, as evidenced by my unmarked arm, I sat back and lounged while she scurried about. One of these days, she’d get it through that thick Hufflepuff head of hers that just because I happened to own a few dark objects doesn’t automatically mean that I’m a Death Eater. While she was crawling around looking for some way out, I thought I heard something but, with all her caterwauling I couldn’t tell for sure. "Wait. Shhh," I sat still listening and held out a hand to her that she may or may not have been able to see. "Do you hear that? Like stones tumbling down stone?"

I watched as Susan stilled and appeared to listen carefully. "What is that?" Her voice sounded fearful, and I wondered if she even cared. She seemed to have given up on being tough which was fine with me. I hate pretense. "Is the house... falling again?"

I couldn’t help it. I snorted with derision. "No, but maybe there's someone there," I replied before shouting. "HELLO?!?!"

"It's too soon... there's no one here," Susan crossed her arms and frowned at the sick light on the end of her wand.

Too soon? What kind of outfit were they running? Shouldn’t they be prepared for this kind of thing during raids? I’d expected someone to come running as soon as the house fell down. Didn’t the ‘good’ guys post guards outside of a residence to make sure no one got away or tried to throw things out of windows or something? I just had to believe they weren’t as stupid as I feared because if they were, I’d be stuck down here forever with the poster girl for Hufflepuff. "But there's movement. Maybe it's the rest of your idiot auror friends," I said and strained, listening for any sign that it was human movement and not just the crumbled house settling.

I swore loudly and sat back down when I didn't hear anything else. I guess they were as stupid as I thought and I was going to spend the rest of my life stuck in here with Susan Bones. Then, she started talking again and I could feel a headache starting. Why couldn’t we just be quiet so we didn’t miss any sounds of possible rescuers? "They aren't idiots. Auror training is very complicated and extensive. We weed the idiots out the first week or so," Susan said and it sounded like she was smiling. "We should figure out how to make noise to help them find us."

"Why don't you try doing that thing where you knock rocks on my head, I'm sure that will illicit some noise and you might even knock me unconscious in the process. Or, you can use that handy piece of wood you got in your hand." It wasn’t a very helpful thing to say but, I was irritable, I admit it. You’d be irritable too if a bunch of aurors barged into your house and knocked it down on top of you for no reason other than the fact that they were too stupid to just leave well enough alone.

Of course, she sounded a bit irritable herself but, it wasn’t my fault she and her friends trapped her down here with me. "Yes, of course... because I did that on purpose. If I was trying to knock you out, I would have. I'm not a total duffer, Nott."

I could hear her tapping her wand against the wall and wondered if she’d attempt to cast some sort of spell. I put my arms over the top of my head just in case, to try and save myself from any trauma to the head should the rocks start falling again. As if reading my mind, she continued, "Do you suppose a loud noise would bring more down on us?"

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any better suggestions and I’d rather die in a cave in with a quick blow to the head than stay here as we were. "It could but, what choice have we got? You wanted to try and draw attention to ourselves..." I still wasn't sure I really wanted to risk another cave in but, anything was better than sitting here with her in the semi-darkness.

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