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Okay... here's a nice long bit to make up for the last update. My muse died... we had to get out the AED to get her going again. Leaving you on a bit of a cliffhanger again. You can thank Lissy and Christy for their arm twisting.

Dinner was not nearly the festive affair one would want if they were seeking distraction. The twins weren’t around, as they’d finally finished moving their belongings into the flat above their store, and the only new addition to the house was that curly-headed girl who was friends with Ron and Harry. Hermione was her name. It was the kind of name that made you wonder if her parents really liked her all that much. A name like Nymphadora.

Of course, Fleur and Bill were still there, but Tonks found she didn’t care at all. She really didn’t care about anything, and she only felt relief when dinner ended and Molly snapped at Ginny for asking Tonks yet again to make her nose look like a pig’s.

“Mum!” Ginny crossed her arm and tossed her hair over her shoulder in a waterfall of crimson and gold. If Tonks had felt like herself, she’d want to make her hair that shade to see how it looked. “I was just trying to…”

“I know what you were trying to do,” Molly snapped and her glare sent Ginny scurrying after Ron and Hermione. “Let me just finish up the dinner dishes, dear, and we’ll have a nice cup of tea.”

Tonks mumbled indistinctly as Molly finished cleaning up the huge meal she’d created in hope it would patch things up between the two of them. Instead of creating peace, Tonks could see that Molly was troubled even yet by the silence that lay chokingly heavy on the kitchen. Tonks wanted to speak, wanted to not be yet another thing for Molly to fret over, but she felt like her emotions were wrapped inside a thick blanket. Struggling to unearth some feeling just made her more and more tired.

“So…” Every movement Molly made was decisive and concise as she brought two steaming mugs of tea towards the table. They stared warily at each other for a long moment, and Tonks could hear yelling from the floor above her, followed by slamming doors and stomping feet. Her apartment was so quiet… too quiet.

“So?” Tonk tilted her head to the side and studied the clear dark liquid in her cup. It rippled as she blew across the surface. Molly’s voice startled her from her reverie; Tonks jumped, splashing tea onto her hand.

“SO,” Molly plunged along, heedless of any awkwardness, “what exactly is it? Are you angry with me?”

Tonks had nearly forgotten that whole episode in the Weasley kitchen. It had only been a few days, but any feelings of betrayal or dismay were wiped clear by the fact that her best mate hated her and she couldn’t fix it. “What? Oh… no. No, Molly. I was angry with you, in the beginning, but now I’m just… not.”

Molly nodded sagely and sipped her tea. “Something else, is it? Are you going to tell me or do we have to play twenty questions?”

Tonks sighed and stared at the ripples in her tea again. There was a particularly large leaf that had managed its way into her cup, and she watched it dance in circles across the liquid. “I’m fine, Molly. I’m really fine. Work stress, you know?”

“Sweetheart, I live with a man who works for the Ministry and has always stood publicly with the rest of the Order. Of course I know. But I don’t think… is it about a man?”

Tonks looked up, the denial already falling from her lips. “No… no, nothing like that. It’s just that Remus and I…” She considered. “Well, I suppose that Remus is a man, but the way you say it sounds so…” Tonks shrugged, a helpless gesture. “It’s about Remus.”

“So you’ve figured it out, then?” The tilt of Molly’s head was infuriating.

“Figured what out, exactly?”

“Tonks,” Molly took her hand and looked at her intently. “You’re in love with Remus, dear.”
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