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I'm ready to update, but be warned... it's short. It's a bridger. My muse and I are having a fight. In the meantime, thank you for your support and your comments. I really enjoy interacting with you all.

When she considered how long it takes to sabotage her life, Tonks thought in terms of months or years. It was impossible to think in terms of split second decisions. One moment shouldn’t collapse a life like a house of cards. It shouldn’t have that kind of power.

But it was clear that’s what had happened in the days after the incident at Grimmauld Place. Tonks found that nothing was going right. She kept locking herself out of her flat. She lost a number of warrants and memos at work. All her favorite clothing was ruined in a series of bizarre accidents. In simple terms, Tonks was having a bad time of it. A very bad time, indeed.

Not to mention that she was having trouble changing again. Her hair was stuck at a peculiar shade of sandy brown that looked quite frumpy on Tonks. She recognized the shade at once, but she pretended not to, and she couldn’t will up enough strength to change it.

And all of this was because, in a moment of blind stupidity, Tonks had given in to youthful impulse and kissed her best mate. Remus had to be furious at her, or else terrified she would do it again, because he was studiously avoiding her. Not that she could blame him.

Her awful week and the loss of her closest friend could easily have led Tonks to believe she was destined to be alone, but Molly continued to pester her for another visit. Tonks knew that Molly was probably just trying to throw her at Bill again, but she was so sick of being alone with herself… and that was how she found herself at the Burrow in the middle of July.

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