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Here it is... and it hasn't even been a month. We rock!

I could practically feel the sarcasm choking his words, and my lit wand swung up to catch the look of disdain on his face. “Shut up,” I bit my words off, studying Nott’s face in the sickly light. All my Auror training was coming back to me now that my wand was in my hand. “Let’s not forget who’s in charge now. You’re still under investigation for owning criminal artifacts.” My voice wavered. ”Nox,” the wand went dark, and we could no longer study each others’ faces.

“What are you going to do, hex me?” his laugh sounded as if it would hit the hair and fracture into a million pieces, it was so cold and brittle. “Why’d you turn out the light? Let’s try and find a hole or something now that we have light.”

“I want some rules in place,” I answered, proud that my voice remained level. “I want to trust you when you say you’re not a Death Eater, but I’m at a distinct disadvantage. Can you give me any indication of why I should believe you?”

Nott moved in the darkness in front of me, and when his voice came, it sounded hollow. “Light your wand.” I felt something brush my ear, and my guts twisted as I jerked back.

”L-lumos,” my wand hand jerked instinctively, and the welcome yellow light poured from its tip once again, sudden and bright. It had been his hand near my head, and I studied the clear expanse of his arm. No Dark Mark. “Thank you,” I turned my wand to study the rubble blocking us in.

Like a lump, Nott settled back on his elbows and watched me work. “You’re welcome,” his tone was sarcastic again. Not a lump, I reminded myself. A wounded animal. How would I feel if someone judged me as inept and stupid because I was a Hufflepuff? Oh wait… that’s exactly how Nott treated me. I didn’t feel bad for him. At all. None.

Focusing once again on the task at hand, I studied the blockage in front of me. Only a small bit was lit at a time, and I couldn’t move that fast because I was forced to crawl using only one hand. The other clutched my wand as if it were all I had in the world. At this moment… it was.

Finally, I covered the whole expanse from where we’d found my wand to where the beams met the basement wall. The light of my wand fell on a heavy beam, and I sighed. “Nothing yet,” I peered over my shoulder to where Nott sat, just lit enough to make out his lounging form.
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