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Whoa. Just... whoa. Y'all are crazy fans and make me appreciate your support so so much. I found my muse again for now, but I think she'll be taking another trip soon enough.

Tonks took far more time getting ready for her trip to Grimmauld than necessary, especially considering she ended up in ripped jeans and an old rock-and-roll t-shirt with a hole in the sleeve. Still, it took a lot of thought and several attempts before she settled on violet hair, which looked surprisingly good with her lime green shirt.

She finally apparated to Grimmauld, and her stomach gave an odd twist. Last time she’d been here, Sirius had been skulking about the place growling at everyone and generally being unhappy about having to stay indoors all the time. It would be odd to be in the dark old house without the constant motion of the Order and without knowing that Sirius was banging things around to demonstrate his displeasure. Still, it was a necessary evil, and Tonks was glad Remus would be there too.

He waited for her on the stoop with the door keys jangling in his hands. They’d locked up tight as soon as they realized the Death Eaters might now have access to their headquarters, and no one had been in since then. Remus gave her a look that was almost a smile but not quite, and Tonks understood it perfectly. He felt it too.

“Sky High Pixie Parade?” He pointed at her green t-shirt and looked slightly bemused.

“Found it at a shop on Diagon Alley. I love this shirt,” Tonks pulled it out a bit and stared at the glittery pixies. “The shirt lasted longer than the band did, but they were around a bit about 20 years ago. I guess they were awful.”

He stood and put the key in the lock. “No, they were awful, but I’m surprised you’ve heard of them. I think Wormtail listened to them...” He turned to jiggle the key, and she knew he was trying to hide his reaction to talking openly about Peter Pettigrew. “You’re too young to know that band.”

Remus pushed the door open and disappeared into the darkness. “I’m not that young,” Tonks grumbled as she climbed the steps after him. “I’m not a…” The rug was curled up in front of the doorway, and Tonks fell into the yawning darkness. Remus caught her arm, and she could just make him out. He put his finger to his lips to indicate quiet, and Tonks sulked silently.

They held an organizational meeting in the parlor, safe from the mad portrait of Tonks’ great aunt Black. Tonks tossed herself into one of the old chairs and immediately raised a cloud of dust. Coughing, she slid to the floor and looked to Remus. “What exactly do we need to do?”

“Remove any trace of us here at the house. They know we were here, but they don’t know who exactly. That’s important, especially after Emmeline,” he paused for a moment, considering the loss of a trusted Order member only days before. “We have to keep those loyal to Dumbledore safe, but the cleaning really shouldn’t take too long…” He scrubbed at the slight stubble on his chin and looked around the room as if a glaring sign might jump out at them and flash their names in neon letters.

Tonks crossed her legs and propped her chin on her hand. “I think we should take a peek in the attic and in Kreacher’s hole. I’d hate to leave any Dark trinkets for the Death Eaters to use against us.”

Nodding slowly, Remus offered Tonks his hand up off the floor. “Good idea, then. We can start in the kitchen and the general living areas before checking out the rooms upstairs. Or did you want to split up and…”

Tonks squeezed his hand before letting go. “I’d rather stick together, if you don’t mind.” He nodded wordlessly, and they headed for the kitchen.

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