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Roland Mow Baims
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Richard Miles Baims
Accidents & Catastrophes

1.Half Blood prince
2.Order Of the Phoenix
3.Goblet of Fire
4.Prisoner of Azkaban
5.Philosopher's Stone
6.Chamber of Secrets

Hlaf Blood plenty of Snape moments and questions answered. It is unique from the other books as the whole atmosphere is tense. Order is great cos it has Umbridge and a great battle sequence at the end. Goblet Voldemort at the end and Triwizard cup. PoA has Lupin and sirius and Snape.The marauders are introduced. The dementors and the knight bus all great qualities. Philosopher's Stone cos its what got me started and had a lot of Snape moments and Voldemort at the end. chamber is good but not as good as the rest the characters are good but theres something about the bit in the middle is slightly boring. But of course the whole Riddle ending is superb.
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