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The wooden doors widened, realeasing angelic pixies that floated around the Church gracefully, delighting and astonishing the guests, both magic and Muggle. Ron's ears filled with the heavenly rendition of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", his heart hammering in expectation. He chose that song for Hermione; it was her favorite song, and her dream song for her wedding. He smiled. Out walked his large wedding party, glorious in number, beaming as it came towards him.

Charlie was the first one out, escorting Serena down the aisle. Serena held Daniel, the other twin, and honorary ring bearer, in her other arm. They beamed up at Ron. Charlie winked as he took his place on Ron's side. Serena, beautiful with her lovely hair pinned up, took her place on the opposite side of the alter, her face bright and plump from her recent pregnancy. Six couples to go.

Percy followed Charlie and his wife up to Ron, Susan Bones in arm. Susan looked a little uncomfortable as Percy began to sob, large tears flowing down his cheeks, loud gasps coming from his mouth. Susan smiled nonetheless, but was happy to part with her escort at the alter. Ron grinned down at Susan, rolling his eyes slightly at his brother. Five couples to go.

Next came Fred Weasley accompanied by the lovely Angelina Johnson, longtime girlfriend and future fiance. Fred walked down the aisle confidently, Angelina beaming, her long black hair pulled back in an elegant ponytail. It took Fred a moment to let Angelina part to her side of the alter, but he did eventually, taking his place behind his three brothers. Four couples to go.

George, of course, followed his twin, Anna Mullen on his arm. Anna was a coworker and dear friend of Hermione's, a gorgeous Asian woman of about 27 with long, sleek, black hair which was swept up in a twist with chopsticks. She held onto George, her eyes laughing, George beaming, as though he would have liked nothing better than to have her company. The reached Ron and Father Browne and parted ways, smiling wide. Three couples to go.

Behind them, Neville Longbottom led a wide-eyed Luna Lovegood up the aisle, both smiling up at Ron. "Congratulations" Neville mouthed up at Ron. Ron nodded back, beaming, half laughing to see Luna's wavy blond hair up in two pigtail buns, her turnips earrings flapping, her neck home to the famous butterbeer bottlecap necklace. The couple reached the top, paused to part ways, and took their place with the rest of the wedding party. Two couples to go.

Lastly, Rubeus Hagrid entered the Church, tiny Minerva McGonagall on his arm. There was an involuntary gasp from the Muggle population in the Church. Hagrid was wearing his horrible brown furry suit and orange tie, something he insisted upon than to have the seamstress go through the trouble of fitting him for a tuxedo. McGonagall, though she looked much older, smiled, teary-eyed up at Ron. Ron smiled back. It was a little awkward to have such a moment with the most strict teacher he ever had, but it seemed to fit nonetheless.

Ron looked at the party that had made it up to the aisle. By his side stood five men dressed in elegant black tuxedos with black bowties and red vests. On the bride's side, stood five beautiful women donning lovely strapless, red bridesmaid dresses. The torso was made of smooth velvet, the skirt a flowing cascade of red silk, all of it finished with a black, satin bow on the waist. They looked lovely and appropriate for the December wedding. One couple to go.

Ron's face lit up as he saw the last couple enter the Church. The best man walked proud and tall down the aisle, his jet black hair standing up in the candlelight, his emerald eyes shining behind his round glasses. He wore a black tuxedo and bowtie with an honorary Best Man emerald vest and beaming smile. On his arm came the lovely Maid of Honor. Her tiny figure was draped by an elegant strapless dress, the torso made of emerald velvet, while the satin skirt draped down in an emerald wonder, all tied by a similar black bow at her waist. Her auburn curls cascaded down her back in a long, elegant pollyanna, her blue eyes bright and tearfilled. Ron could not have been any prouder of his little sister and best friend. They finally took their place up at the alter, Ginny in front of the others, Harry at his position next to Ron. It was only a matter of time now.

Last to appear in the doorway was little Rosie Weasley. She wore a little white flowergirl dress, her red hair spiraled in Shirley Temple curls and decorated by a crown of Baby's Breath flowers. In her tiny little fists, she held a small white basket that was home to pink rose petals. She carefully took the petals out one by one and placed them on the lining of the train. She looked shy and a little unsure, and when one of the petals had gone astray, she stopped to pick up the flower and placed it on the train. There was a rumble of laughter and coos from the guests. Rosie looked up at Ron and looked adorably confused. She had been told that those petals had to be exactly on the edge of the carpet, so she had done what she thought had been right. Ron gave her a wink that made her square her shoulders confidently and finish her walk down the aisle. She finally reached the alter, and handing Susan her basket, she immediately sprinted down to the first pew to where her mother and father sat with little Rupert. She then proceeded to look back at the Church doors to where the bride was. Ron held his breath.
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