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Well... *hides* I'm posting anyway. It's long, but there's a lot that goes on.

Bill had at least the decency to look embarrassed at Fleur’s apparently unintentional rudeness. He looked around in discomfort before clearing his throat and rising to his feet, glass in hand.

“A toast?” Arthur questioned, already smiling and raising his glass as well.

“An announcement, actually,” Bill looked so uncomfortable, and Tonks wondered fleetingly why she’d thought him so brave and spontaneous. This was his family. What was he on about? “I thought that since we’re all together, this would be an excellent time for me to announce that I’ve asked Fleur to marry me. And she said yes.” He smiled fondly at Fleur before sitting.

The sound of Tonks’ fork hitting her plate when she dropped it could be clearly heard over the absolute silence in the room. Fleur smiled grandly, clearly ready to be welcomed to the family, and when welcome did not come, she flipped her hair and picked up her glass of water for a dainty sip.

“Of course, we must wait until next summer to marry so zat I ‘ave time to get ready. I am needing a dress, and we must find a place to ‘ave the ceremony and party. Ze ‘ouse is far too small for ze wedding my Bill ‘as promised me.” She blew him a kiss across the table. It was like some sort of awful joke, with this conceited woman and an awkward Bill and the family just staring.

Molly made a choking sound, coming to life for the first time. “Ceremony? Married… you can’t just…” Her eyes darted from Bill to Fleur before sweeping to Tonks. She could feel Molly’s blame and recrimination. With a wail, Molly pushed back from the table and escaped into the living room. Arthur followed.

“Mum is really happy,” Ginny nodded, piling potatoes on her plate. Ron stared stupidly at Fleur’s hair until Ginny poked him with her fork. He jumped. “Happy,” Ron mumbled.

“Yeah, she always cries when she’s happy,” Fred rolled his eyes and started to fill his plate. George nodded. “Sometimes she even shouts incoherently and gets really red in the face. Ecstatic.”

“Excuse me,” Tonks pushed her chair back as well and escaped in an entirely different direction than Molly and Arthur. She let the kitchen door slam behind her, and the temperature change hit her full force. It was summer, but the weather had been unusually damp and foggy. Tonks knew the reason for it, but on this evening, it was welcome after the hot kitchen and the hotter stress-filled moments within it.

The moonlight lit the backyard, making it almost as bright as day. Tonks slid down on the stoop and buried her face from the beauty of it. She didn’t want to think about the moonlight, although a part of her was aware of exactly how many days until the full moon.

The kitchen door slammed shut behind Tonks, and she kept her face buried from Remus’s intrusion. She should have known he’d come. “Don’t cry, Tonks,” he patted her back and sat on the stoop next to her.

“I’m not crying,” her voice was muffled by her sleeve being pressed against her mouth, but he understood her words regardless.

“Of course you aren’t,” he patted her back again before continuing. “I just hate to see you so upset about this Bill thing…”

Tonks sat up so quickly Remus nearly fell off the steps. The look of blazing anger on her face clearly surprised him. “Upset about Bill? Don’t be an idiot, Lupin. I’m upset that I was invited here tonight and made to feel as if I were wanted as a friend, rather than intended as some sort of distraction to keep Bill from his little creampuff. I’m upset that somehow this is my fault for not being good enough for Bill Weasley.”

She trailed off, her frustration and anger making a liar of her. Angry tears crept down her face. Remus brushed them away with his thumb. “First off, don’t call me Lupin as if you’re angry with me as well. And second off… you know Molly is fond of you. Don’t blame her for what she does in her grief. You should be flattered she wanted you as a daughter-in-law.”

Tonks sniffed and leaned her head against his shoulder. “I suppose. Only… let me be upset about it for a little bit longer. I don’t want to go back in there and deal with the creampuff just yet.”

Remus chuckled at her, and she felt his fingers on her navy curls. “You’re sure this isn’t jealousy? Aren’t you in love with Bill after all?”

“Love?” Tonks tilted her head on his shoulder to give him an ironic look. “No. I mean… I don’t know. My heart isn’t broken, so I don’t suppose I do care for Bill in that way. Maybe the most effective way for me to get over him was for him to choose a girl like… that. I guess the Bill I thought he was didn’t turn out to be the Bill he really was.”

“Try that again, but this time try to make sense,” Remus encouraged, pressing his cheek against her forehead. He was so warm, and it felt nice in the chilly night air.

“I think I kind of made him to be more than he was. I had a crush on this adventurous, mysterious man, but I filled in all the blanks to make him… someone I could love. But in the end, he proved he wasn’t who I thought he was simply because he picked Fleur. What does she have aside from remarkable good looks?”

“Not a single thing,” Remus admitted, and Tonks could feel his smile against her forehead. She smiled in response, feeling light. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Shouldn’t we go back inside?” She didn’t move, content to just lean against him and soak up his warmth. This had been a rather nice evening in spite of things.

“Under the circumstances, I think we should run far away. We’re going to live through a year of these awkward family dinners, so we might as well skip out while we still can. Let’s make a date to meet in a few days. I need help clearing Order things out of Grimmauld.” Remus tried to sound so jocular, but his grip told Tonks that he was dreading the trip to Sirius’s family home.

“It’s a date,” she smiled at her words.

You should read this.

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