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Thanks for your encouragement. I've been a bad author to our fans by not responding sooner but, I've got something even better than a thank you, I've got our next update.

This chick was insufferable. In addition to being too sarcastic for her own good, she had the courage of a toothpick… none. I could tell she was afraid of sticking her hand in the hole. She probably thought I had some nefarious plot to seal her in the hole so I wouldn’t have to listen to her or risk her knocking me unconscious with rocks falling from the ceiling when she bumped into the walls. She was getting on my last nerve with her incessant questioning of my suggestions. "It's a stick of some kind, possibly your wand. It's not responding to Lumos but, that could just be that your wand doesn't work for me. I moved some debris and found it underneath,” I exasperatedly replied.

I felt her move closer to me. "Can you... move over a little? I don't want to run into you," she said.

I had no idea how she even knew where she was but, I moved back anyway, keeping a hand in the hole. She was still afraid this was some big ruse of mine to get her close enough to do some dark magic on her or some such rubbish. How many times did I have to insist that I wasn’t a death eater before she believed me? When she bumped into me, I took her by the wrist and guided her hand to my hand in the hole. "There."

She jerked her hand in my grasp, but when I refused to let her go, she allowed me to guide her hand into the hole. He felt her hand flex, her fingers must have closed around something, and she pulled it out and handed it to me. It certainly felt like a wand but, the balance was a little off… Regardless, I had to try. "Lumos," I said and tried to examine the wand by the light it gave off. I thrust it back into her hands. "It's not mine, I already told you that…"

"Lumos", Susan murmured the words, and I watched as her face burst into happiness when the wand lit in her hands. "My wand." She grasped it to her chest, looking as if she'd just found her lifeline.

"A truly touching reunion," I sneered.

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