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Lala... *sigh* My brain has malfunctioned, but here is the first half of this scene. The second half is lodged somewhere in my brain and no amount of headhitting will call it forth.

“If you touch me with your wand again, I’m going to take it away from you,” Remus scolded Molly with mock severity. He elbowed her gently, and Molly turned a brilliant shade of red before resuming her job of ushering the crowd to the table. It was Molly’s constant desire to patch Remus’s robes, and he always caught her in it.

Tonks laughed and followed the crowd. It was a good sized group; five Weasley children and three extra Order members made the crowd rowdy. Oh, and there was also Bill’s young protégée. She had veela good looks, and she kept flipping her head of silvery hair around as if to make sure everyone saw it. Tonks rolled her eyes.

Metamorphagii had perhaps a more healthy view on human beauty than the average Witch or Wizard. What did it mean to be really beautiful anyway? Tonks could change her nose and eyes and hair and even her figure to look just like this pretty girl, but she’d still be Tonks no matter what she looked like. If beauty was that easy to fake, if it really had no indication of who she really was, then it wasn’t worth having. She had never wished to be beautiful, and she never missed it.

The group bustled about the table, and Molly pulled Tonks out of one chair and stuck her into another quite forcibly. Fleur huffed as Tonks now filled the spot next to Bill. She proceeded to flounce around the table to swing gracefully into the chair across from him. The young woman had a strange affect on those around her. Ron kept dropping silverware. Moody actually took out his eyeball to polish it before offering her a sip from his flask. Remus stared fixedly ahead at a spot on Tonks’ plate. In fact, he stared so hard that Molly got nervous and performed a washing charm just in case he was eyeing the miniscule amounts of dirt.

Remus’s eyes rose to meet Tonks’, and she could tell most of what he was thinking. It was no secret that she had a bit of a crush on Bill Weasley. At least… she hoped it was a secret from Bill, but most everyone else seemed to know. It had to be the earring and the ponytail, but it was mostly that he was a bit dangerous and unpredictable. She liked that.

Fleur sipped from her glass as if she were a princess holding a champagne flute. Tonks dropped her cup and mopped up the liquid as Molly sighed. “I ‘ave ‘eard all about you, Tonks,” Fleur shaped her name like rocks clunking together. “Bill, ‘e is telling me zese great zings, but ‘ere I am thinking… ‘e was a very naughty boy. ‘e was making me think you were… ‘ow do you say? I thought you would be prettier.”

The face Remus was making now… now that one she couldn’t read.
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