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Yhis has by far been the most fun update to write. Oops. *claps hands over her mouth* I'll just go over there and let you read it... *mumblemumble*

For all of Molly Weasley’s more charming attributes, there was no escaping that she was a bit of a nag. Her family and friends could dress it up and call it hard-headedness or stubbornness, but in the end, she was still a nag. Perhaps she was only like this with those she loved, but it didn’t make it any easier for Tonks when the third owl arrived.

“Frippery and feathers, Tonks, this isn’t the bloody social club. Can you kindly have your personal mail delivered elsewhere?” She glanced at the irate man glaring over the cubicle wall at her before tossing the unread note into a pile.

“Calm yourself, Savage. Your face is almost as purple as my hairstyle, and no one’s face is naturally that color. If you keel over, I won’t bother to call the Healers. I’ll just knock down the wall between our desks and get myself a bit of room.” The man made a loud hmph before disappearing again behind his desk.

It wasn’t that Tonks disliked the Weasleys. To the contrary, they were a taste of the home life she missed so dreadfully. Still, everytime she got near them, she broke something or fell over something, and Molly would get that terrible wearied look on her face. Almost as if she couldn’t wait for Tonks to get out of the house so she could go over things with a Correcting Spell to put them back in order. Life was hard enough without feeling wrong all the time.

“If ye keep threatenin’ yer coworkers, no one will watch yer back in the field,” a raspy voice told her sagely. Tonks grinned and spun her chair to face Moody. “Come on then, girlie. Don’t have all day to waste flappin’ m’gums.”

Tonks gave a cheeky grin and kicked her legs up on the filing cabinet, crossed at the ankle. She admired her dragon skin boots studiously. “Where are we going, Mad Eye? Bit of a trek for Death Eaters? Extra training venture?” Her stomach was churning with anticipation.

“Supper,” he tapped her feet with his peg leg, causing them to fall from the cabinet top. “At the Burrow. Molly sent me to fetch ye, said yer ignoring her owls. Wut’s a smart girl like you doin’ that fer?”

Tonks made a face and started to organize the mass of warrants that had collected on her desk. “I’m not hungry, and it’s unfair to come in here and make me think we’ve got an adventure brewing. I got all excited for nothing. I almost changed my hair color in your honor.” She made a pouty face and refused to make eye contact. It wasn’t her most professional demeanor, and she didn’t want to look up and catch a look of dismay on her mentor’s face.

“Molly said ye’d be tough as a stubborn puffapod to crack. She was right.” He shook his head and Tonks looked up to watch his crazy eye roll around in his head to check the vicinity.

“But puffapods are easy to crack. You just drop them on the ground and they…”

“Jes so,” Moody nodded, stumping out of her cubicle to look up and down the aisle specutively. “And so are ye. I’m to tell you that young William will be joining us fer supper tonight.” He paused and sniffed the air before clomping down the corridor.

Tonks jumped to her feet and peered out the corridor after him. He had stopped and was tasting a bit of pumpkin bread someone had left sitting on the table in the common area. Moody took a bite, spit it out, and then ate an entire slice in two mouthfuls. “Oh,” she answered, rather pathetically.

“Oh?” He turned but didn’t move back down the corridor towards her. “Oh?”

“What time is supper?”
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