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Rawr... I need to do a better job of responding to yall.

Originally Posted by Melan Giliah
Cassirin: this is beautiful. I'm speechless.
That is quite a compliment. Thank you!

Originally Posted by Kris
That was an awesome post. I really enjoyed it. I can't wait for your book to get pblished.
Yeah... me neither. Whenever that might be

Originally Posted by Kasey
I thought you were published!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE!!! and when you are tell me!!!!
That, my dear Kasey, is why you're my NUMBER ONE FAN. *snugglepetpet* I hope that someday I shall be published.

Originally Posted by Lissy
I love that! She has such a mischievous streak!
And thus is the bane of my existence. All my women are firebrands and all my men are chivalrous to the point of nausea.

Originally Posted by Lissy
That is so Aunt Petunia! And a very good explanation on Tonks and not leading missions.. a little too rash and outspoken... sounds like a Black trait!
The nice thing about JK is that she gives us these characters that are so... complex and yet not. I'd be lost to dig into Petunia, but I can tell you exactly how she'd react to little ol' Tonks.

Originally Posted by Lissy
And that is just so wonderful. *sigh* it just makes me want to reach out to him. I don't think enough people show Harry in that light and it is very nice to see it through Tonks eyes.
I think it's impossible to see how broken Harry is through his own eyes, but as soon as you start to look at him through someone else's eyes, especially a character that is a little broken themselves, you see it. I just don't know yet all the ways that Tonks is broken.

*applauds* Well done!! That was great! Awesome post! *anticipates more*
I love to get responses from you because you're so specific about what you like. It helps. Feel free to offer concrit too if you have any. I'll be strong. I will.

Originally Posted by RQT
I'll start off by saying, I love your title... It's awesome. There's no way anyone who sees it wont get curious. At first I thought it was a Siry fic, and being the crazed Maurader fan that I am, there was no way I would let it pass by
I was actually not dissapointed when I realized it was a Tonks fic...I think it's sad that there are so little fics that include Tonks.
I love the depth and complexity JK gives some of her female characters. I'm not ready to delve into Ginny, but Tonks and McGonagall are my other two favorites. And Tonks has all this potential as she gets all these layers in HBP. Anyway... thank you. I like the title too, and I'm glad it drew you in. I'll be eagerly awaiting your comments in the future.

Originally Posted by aiangel327
I love this line. It just seems to sum up Tonks so perfectly.
I have a tendency to overstate the obvious, and I had to step back and realize that line was just... enough. I wanted to go on and on, but in the end, I needed to trust you guys to know what I meant. And you did. And I'm glad you loved it, because I did too.

Originally Posted by Lee
fantastic! brilliant! your writings are always soooooo good. Wouldn't expect anything else from you, I love your choice of character and close referencing to the books.
Aw... can you tell I"m writing with my book sitting open next to me? Hopefully it never gets as hard as that last one where I had to find a way around a hugely long, complex scene that I didn't want to rewrite verbatim. *snuggle*

THANKS to all of you. You've totally made my day.
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