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I'll start off by saying, I love your title... It's awesome. There's no way anyone who sees it wont get curious. At first I thought it was a Siry fic, and being the crazed Maurader fan that I am, there was no way I would let it pass by.
I was actually not dissapointed when I realized it was a Tonks fic...I think it's sad that there are so little fics that include Tonks. After Siry and the Mauraders, Tonks is my favorite character!
The way you started it was beyond captivating. There's no doubt that you're really talented and have your way with words...
You've blown me away and I'm definently going to keep stopping by.
I love the action between Lupin and Tonks and I can't wait to hear your side behind the story...
I'll be back,
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