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It had been a very good day, Tonks considered as she watched Harry walk away with his family.

The best part hadn’t been the way the boy, Dudley, nearly wet himself every time any of them moved. Tonks certainly hadn’t been helpful when she made her nose into a pig snout just as the boy chanced a look at her. Thankfully, no one else had noticed.

The best part hadn’t been the way the woman, Harry’s aunt Petunia, had nearly come unglued at the site of Tonks’ rock star look. She stared hard at Tonks’ hair, her mouth set in a primly disapproving line. Tonks’ had only been able to grin back good-naturedly. She wanted to say something very unprofessional, and that’s why they didn’t let her lead missions yet.

The best part wasn’t even the way the man, Harry’s uncle Vernon, had stuttered and blustered his way through conversation with Moody, only to nearly wet himself at the end of it. Silly man. Of course, Moody was threatening him. Even Tonks, with her little girl face and her pretty pink hair was threatening him. They certainly weren’t inviting him out for tea and scones.

No, the best part… the part that made her whole day had happened at the end of their little ‘chat.’ The Order was satisfied that the Dursleys understood exactly where they all stood, and the Dursleys were attempting to salvage their pride and hustle Harry away. Harry had looked over his shoulder at them, gratitude and hope written clearly on his face. For that shining moment, he’d forgotten all that he’d lost in his short life, and he knew only that they loved him and that they’d fight for him.

Tonks hummed to herself cheerily as they made their way out of the station. It hadn’t mattered that Sirius wasn’t there. Sirius had so often raged on and on against the evil Dursleys. James had hated Vernon, and Sirius was outraged that Harry ended up in their useless and cruel hands. She could picture in her mind’s eye how much joy Sirius would have gotten from threatening them. How even now he’d be racing around them in dog form, nipping at Remus’s coat tails and pushing against Tonks’ knees…

Maybe Remus could read her mood, or perhaps he’d been struck by that melancholy at the same moment she had. Or maybe it was simply that she had tripped over a waylaid trunk and was careening for disaster. Whatever the reason, Tonks found her hand in his, and she was suddenly upright and walking again. Somehow, she managed to maneuver around all the other trunks and bags and carts and small darting children. She moved as if she had grace.

It had been a very good day.

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