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The Sweetest Thing Lissy De Vil

New post!!! I am loving this!

Tonks slumped against a brick wall and stared back at a Muggle mother who was eyeing her pink hair suspiciously. “I think pink is your color too, doll,” Tonks gave a half-smirk that was all rock-and-roll and definitely not Tonks. She hadn’t aced disguises for nothing.
This was great! hehehehe

“You are a brat,” he agreed, although his eyes never left the barrier. He had that line drawn deeply between his eyebrows. It had been there since Sirius had… fallen. He didn’t talk about what was going on behind that line but perhaps he understood her guilt and the burden of caring for Harry now that Sirius was gone.
I love this description and that is very much like Remus.

“Aye, but a most effective brat,” Moody grunted. He’d popped his eye out to shine it. A little girl gave a shriek and fainted dead away, and Moody stuck it back in and pulled his hat low.

Tonks loved that Harry wore his heart so openly like that, although she knew that the fact his feelings ran so deep and close to the surface were one of the reasons the world hurt him so often. He was still a little boy aching for someone, anyone, to love him. She ached to hug him but settled for an indifferent pose as Moody and Molly fought subtly for the lead.
This was beautiful. I just loved it. And I think Tonks has it right, the poor boy does need a hug, he gets prescious few. *sigh*

Awesome post Erin!!! Looking forward to more!

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