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Nymphadora Tonks knew she’d spent far too long in the infirmary. Her injury was healed, but she stayed in her bed anyway. It was unprecedented; Poppy kept coming in to stare at her. The first time she’d done it, her face wrinkled in thought and she’d tried to chat cheerfully with Tonks. When that didn’t work, she’d tried berating the young woman into getting out of bed. It had come to no end, and now Tonks would turn her head to the wall and stare at the cracks as soon as she heard the busy click of Poppy’s shoes. There was one crack that traced from just under a portrait almost to the floor, and Tonks was convinced that it was getting longer. Each time Poppy came to watch her, Tonks would concentrate on her pet crack, coaxing it along to meet the floor.

Finally, Poppy would leave and Tonks would settle back against her pillow. She was sulking like an angry child, but there was nothing for it. There was nothing wrong with her except grief over the loss of her only decent family member and the knowledge that she’d failed in her job. She’d failed. She was a 22-year-old failure. And a baby on top of that, because she was keeping to her bed to avoid talking with anyone about any of it.

The sound of feet on the tile came to Tonks, and she turned to face the wall again. Her shoulders heaved in a sigh as she curled up to become a small lump under the blankets. This was getting monotonous. If nothing was changing, why was Poppy constantly in and out of here like a –

“Tonks,” a low voice that was certainly not Poppy’s tickled along Tonks’ spine. She tilted her head to show she was aware he was there. He started over. “Tonks, that is a very fine wall you’re working on over there. Are you hiding from me?”

Tonks rolled over and sat up. “Hiding from everyone, I suppose. Bit of a brat, aren’t I?”

Remus smiled gravely and pulled up a chair to sit by her bed. It was so graceful a move that Tonks wished she could capture it forever. Nothing she ever did was graceful. “We all seek solitude in our own ways. No one can fault you if you take advantage of the quiet while you have it.”

That was it exactly, and Tonks smiled genuinely for the first time in days. It was freeing to be understood in that way, and she was suddenly able to escape her tunnel vision. “How are the kids?” She leaned forward and put her hands on her knees, stretching her shoulders. Several days of bed rest weren’t as relaxing as one would think.

“Harry’s in shock, I think. We’re going tomorrow to meet the train and scare the Muggles into good behavior.” He quirked his eyebrow, and Tonks read in that gesture his subtle sense of humor. He knew it would be a bit of a lark to talk to the Muggles about Harry. They were rotten through and through, that much was clear, and they were also Muggle to the point of blind foolishness.

She licked her lips and nodded. “D’you think they’d let me come being pink?” She pulled out a strand of her limp green locks and grimaced.

“Yes, please,” Remus nodded eagerly and crossed his arms across his chest. “Green was never really my favorite color. It was terribly Slytherin of you.”

She didn’t want to tell him that she struggled to change when she was in a mood like this. People seldom understood that her power was linked more to her emotions than magic should be. Strong emotion had caused her to shift when she was younger, and although it was under control there were still times she got… stuck. After her Grandfather Tonks had died, for example… she’d given herself his silvery hair and cowlick without even meaning to, and it had stuck for weeks.

“So what color do you want then?” Tonks screwed up her face and turned the hair vividly orange and curled into tight spirals.

He shook his head and made a face. “Something more natural. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a normal hair color. How about your own coloring?” He said it as if it were a dare, and Tonks was so tempted to do it. She’d never given in on this point before, but Remus made it a challenge.

Instead, Tonks made a face, and her hair turned tomato red. “Go, go Gryffindor,” she cheered and settled back against her pillow with a look of triumph clear on her face.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Remus indicated that he’d lost interest in the game. “Anyway, I just came by to check on you and invite you to the train tomorrow. Someone will drop by and get you before we leave.” He put his hand on her shoulder and stood. “Get some rest.”

Tonks nodded and turned to face her wall again. She closed her eyes tightly and listened to his heavier tread leave the room. She didn’t want to watch him walk away.

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