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I sighed and barely kept from pounding my head against the wall. It was a complete lost cause. But… I didn’t want to rain on his little parade-in-the-creepy-dark, especially since it kept him all the way over there. “Well… let me know how that turns out for you. I’ll be sitting on pins and needles in anticipation.” Ouch… too much sarcasm, Sue old girl.

“Yeah, you just sit there like a useless bump,” Nott’s voice was cranky and as much as I wanted to grin at that, I sat up to defend myself. He didn’t give me a chance. “There’s a small hole here.”

“I’m not useless… I’m sensible,” I insisted, scooting towards him a bit. “We know people are going to come later, and we know that any efforts so far have only knocked more debris on us. I’m not going to move yet. But you can wriggle on through that hole if you want.” I suddenly realized I didn’t want Nott to wiggle through the hole and leave me alone in the dark. He might be vile and unpleasant, but he was better than being alone.

“It’s too small,” his voice was a grunt, and I guessed he was ignoring my unnecessary sarcasm. I heard him shuffling in the dark and I scooted a bit closer once again. If only for a light…

I bit my lip and stared at the ceiling, but it was dark. I couldn’t see anything to distract me from being a smart-aleck. “I’d be willing to push you, if you think it would help.” Lucky day for me, I managed to maintain an innocent tone, although it seemed heavily-laced with irony to me.

He kept scrabbling around, and he finally grunted, “Won’t help.” I suppose he was being the more mature one, although he’d already gotten his jibes in. “Can you try? I think I found something.” I cringed.

“I am not sticking my hand in a hole in the dark, Nott. I just won’t. I don’t know what’s in there, and I don’t know what it is I’m reaching for.” I sighed when I realized I’d scooted all the way over to sit next to him. So much for wanting to keep my distance.

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