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Shades of Black Chapter Guide

Chapter 1 - Healing
Chapter 2 - Train Station, Part 1
Chapter 3 - A Very Good Day
Chapter 4 - Auror Duties
Chapter 5 - Dinner with Weasleys, Part 1
Chapter 6 - Dinner with Weasleys, Part 2
Chapter 7 - A Trip to Grimmauld
Chapter 8 - A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Chapter 9 - House of Cards
Chapter 10 - A Chat with Molly
Chapter 11 - Confessions in the Night
Chapter 12 - A New Assignment
Chapter 13 - Settling into Hogsmeade
Chapter 14 - Meeting with Dumbledore, Part 1
Chapter 15 - Meeting with Dumbledore, Part 2
Chapter 16 - Owls
Chapter 17 - Hogsmeade Station
Chapter 18 - Looking for Harry
Chapter 19 - Remus in Hogsmeade
Chapter 20 - For the Pain
Chapter 21 - Eventful Hogsmeade Weekend
Chapter 22 - Guess Who?
Chapter 23 - Mother's Day - Editted for DH information
Chapter 24 - When Mother's Come Plotting
Chapter 25 - The Wolf in Winter
Chapter 26 - Wounds to Bear
Chapter 27 - Reprieve
Chapter 28 - In the News
Chapter 29 - All Who Wander
Chapter 30 - Dumbledore's Meet
Chapter 31 - Patrols and Puppet Masters
Chapter 32 - Seeing in the Dark
Chapter 33 - Battle Beneath the Lightening-Struck Tower, part 1
Chapter 34 - Battle Beneath the Lightening-Struck Tower, part 2
Chapter 35 - Ultimatum
Chapter 36 - Conclusion

Original Chapter 24 - Christmas, Part 1
Original Chapter 25 - Christmas, Part 2

Her hair had been green that day. She almost never went with green, as it made her look sallow, but she’d been messing around while she drank her tea. It was Floo green and curled about her ears.

The fire had roared high and emerald, and she’d turned to see Kingsley’s solemn face. The children were in danger at the Ministry. She’d fallen through the fire and gathered with the rest of them… Kingsley, Moody, Remus, Sirius.

Sirius. Kingsley and he had shouted at each other. Kingsley said he couldn’t come, he knew the rules, it wasn’t allowed. And Sirius had said that he had to come because it was Harry. Merlin, couldn’t they see? It was

In the end, they’d all gone together, Flooing right from Grimmauld Place to the Ministry. They’d been so light-hearted about it. It wasn’t her first fight, but she was a little nervous. Remus patted her shoulder and said sweet things, and Sirius chased his tail, and she’d felt better. They’d burst through the door of the chamber and she’d never felt more brave. They were the Order. They were invincible.

“Come on, leprechaun,” Sirius had taunted her as he ran for the Death Eaters. She’d tripped down the steps, but that was just natural. She simply stood and ran to help. It was odd, considering the clarity she had for most other fights she’d been in. She remembered details from them all… but this fight was just a blur. Flashes of wand light, loud voices, and the feeling of slick sweat down her spine as she fought.

She remembered hitting the ground hard with some hex or another, her skull cracking the stone floor. The world was dark and came back in pieces, first sound, then light, then color. It was as if a light were being cast on one spot and then slowly expanding to fill the whole room. And the light was on Sirius.

He was laughing, his head back, his teeth so very white in his darkly handsome face. Still handsome. Always handsome. She’d smiled at the picture he made there, and she was still smiling when the spell struck him. He’d fallen back through eternity, and she’d laid her head back down against the cold rock of the floor.

It was dark.

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