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"Sarcasm is going to get us far," I sighed and began crawling around again. My hand came to rest on something soft. "Sorry," I muttered, cursing myself mentally for getting so close to the Puff. She probably thought I was trying to assault her or something.

My thoughts were confirmed as she pulled her hand from under mine and uttered a "Please... don't." I withdrew my hand. "I didn't touch you on purpose," I sneered and began to crawl in another direction. "Will they send someone for you if your team is missing?" I wasnít sure if I wanted them to send someone or not. I was fairly certain theyíd blame me instead of their incompetence for this disaster but, at the same time, I didnít want to die here in the dark with Susan Bones of all people.

"They should send a secondary team later today. This was a simple enough mission... but we had other places to visit. They won't know something is wrong until we fail to check in at the end of the day," she answered me. Well, it was possible they could get themselves out and he could make a run for it, though that was highly doubtful. "So we're stuck here for at least a few more hours, great," I sighed and felt along the wall, getting tired of looking at nothing but black.

Susan was quiet for a long time, but finally, she asked, "So... you're not a Death Eater?"

I sighed as I felt along the wall for a crack or a hole or anything that might help us out. "I thought we'd been over this. I'm not a Death Eater. You really think I'd want to have myself branded?" I asked, nearly snorting in disgust at the thought. I never understood why people, my father included, would allow someone to brand them so that they could be at that otherís beck and call. It seemed like a waste of time and pain to me.

"I'm just clarifying the situation. I'm a Hufflepuff. We're... methodical." Susan replied. She probably hear him scuffling around in the dark because her next question was, "What are you doing over there?"

She wasnít exactly the sharpest quill in the shop, was she? Iím trying to find a way out, of course. I curbed my scathing comments, not wanting to upset the little auror into handing me over when all this was over, and answered, "I'm trying to find a hole or something, anything. I don't want to be trapped in here."

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