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Ron heard her call behind the door and down the stairs. He heard the whispers among the group as she called his name. He said nothing. He had nothing left to say. He angrily and miserably reflected back a week before when he and Hermione had gone to Liverpool to visit Mr. Granger for afternoon tea.

Ron had been jumpy and nervous. Hermione had noticed when they got there. Mr. Granger had seemed to notice as well during their visit. In truth, Ron had been terrified about what he was about to do. His heart was pretty steady, however, his hands had never been so clammy. He breathed heavily and said little for fear of throwing up. The hours ticked on and on, and Ron had silently prayed that Harry would make the call any moment. Hermione’s voice breathed softly as her father’s laughed rumbled quietly to their teacups clicked daintily on their white saucers.

And it happened just as Mr. Granger sat forward to offer him the sugar substitute.

“So, Ron,” he said as Ron declined the sweetener politely. “I hear you work for your Ministry now.”

“Yes, sir,” Ron squeaked nervously. He cleared his throat. “Yes. I’m in the Magical Games and Sports department, sir. I…”

“Harry!” Hermione’s surprised voice rang. Her father and Ron turned their attention to the corner of the room. Mr. Granger coughed in his teacup loudly in shock to see Harry Potter’s head rotating around in the fireplace. Ron patted him on the back, feeling relieved.

“Harry, what’ s going on?” Hermione inquired to the fire.

“There’s a mess up here at the school,” the head replied frantically. “Professor Barnaby caused mayhem in his potions class. Students are sprouting boils and fangs left and right. Madam Pomfrey is short-handed. We need you up here. Can you come?”

Hermione’s face flooded with concern. “Of course. Oh dear. I’ll come. Goodness!” She rose off of the couch and put on her jacket. “I’m so sorry, Dadd,” she said apologetically. “We have to go.”
Mr. Granger was still staring in amazement at Harry’s head. “I…It, uh, it’s alright, darling. Duty calls. My, I’ve never seen anything like that before!”

Hermione gave her father a hug and kiss before turning to Ron. “Thanks for the luncheon. It was lovely. Come on, Ron.”

“Actually,” Ron said casually despite his racing heart. “I think I’m going to stay here.”

“You are?” Hermione asked, eyebrows raised.

“You are!” Mr. Granger exclaimed brightly, pleasantly surprised.

“I don’t think you’ll need me down there,” Ron said, shrugging. “And anyway, I’d like to talk with your father a while longer.”

Mr. Granger beamed. “As would I, my boy! We haven’t had a chance to really talk.”

“Well,” Hermione smiled adoringly. “Alright then! If you’re sure!”

“They’re sure!” Harry’s head said loudly. “Come on then!” He gave Ron a quick wink before he disappeared behind the flames.

Hermione smiled again. “I’m glad you two are getting along so well. Alright, then. I’ll be back soon.”

“No!” Ron exclaimed. She turned to look at him questionably. “I mean, I’ll meet you at Fred and George’s later.

“Okay,” she said, kissing her father again. She approached Ron to give him a kiss but whispered, “Be good!”

Ron grinned at her mischievously. “I always am.”

Hermione rolled her eyes before she Apparated with a loud CRACK! Mr. Granger jumped at the sound, laughing a bit. “You know, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to magic!” he said genially. He motioned Ron back to the living room sofa as he sank into his armchair once more. “So Ron,” he said. “How have you been?”

“Very well, sir, thank you,” Ron croaked, unsuccessfully trying to remain calm.

“Good, good. I’m glad,” Mr. Granger replied thoughtfully.

There was an awkward pause that filled the room between the two. Mr. Granger studied Ron steadily while his subject nervously played with his uneaten, sugar-free teacake.

“Excuse me,” Mr. Granger said, breaking the silence. “But you seem to be a bit anxious.”

“Sir?” Ron said. He did not know if he could go through with it. But it looked to him as though the opportunity had finally come to him.

“I have a feeling that there is a specific reason that you stayed to talk to me alone. Something in particular you wish to discuss?”

“Yes, actually,” Ron’s voice shook as he turned fluorescent red. He was looking at his hands, feeling uncomfortable in his necktie. His throat had gone horribly dry, and he could feel his ears ignite. But he forced himself to look directly at Mr. Granger. “Yes. I would wish to discuss with you…that is, I want to talk to you about Hermione’s future. Or rather, Hermione’s future…with me.” He wanted to crawl under a rock at that moment when his entire body fell into a deep flush. Mr. Granger was smiling, and Ron prayed that he was not laughing at him.

“I see,” was all Hermione’s father said.

“Y-Yeah,” Ron muttered. “Er…I mean…yes. Well, the thing is…we’ve known each other a long time. Since we were eleven years old. Uh, Hermione and me, though. Not you. Ha Ha.” Ron felt like a babbling idiot as he sat there. “Well, yes, anyway. See, it’s been eleven years since I met her, and we’ve been friends since then…good friends, sir…best friends. And, yes, we’ve had fights before. A lot of fights, actually. But we still care for each other because we get through them. And it’s just…well, there have been romantic feelings beneath the surface between us. And…and, well, now…after we’ve seen other people…after we’ve dated, of course…I really feel that, pardon the clichéd phrase…that she’s the one. That is to say that I…I love your daughter, Mr. Granger. I think I always have. And now that we’re both responsible adults with steady jobs and living quarters, I think…I know that we could really make it.”

A jolly Mr. Granger leaned forward, trying to sound firm. “And what is it that you are trying to say, Weasley?”

Ron licked his chapped lips desperately. “I…Your daughter has changed me. And I…I wanted to ask for your permission.”

“My permission for what?” Mr. Granger asked expectantly.

“I wanted to ask for your permission to ask Hermione to…to marry me sir.” Ron sighed in silent suffering. “Yes. I want to marry her, sir.”

Mr. Granger felt like laughing in triumph. It was about time! Hermione talked of nothing but Ron Weasley for eleven years. He was very impressed that the boy had the consideration and respect to ask his permission first. He wanted no one for his daughter than Ron. After what he had seen of the man, he knew his daughter could never find anyone who would love her as much as Ron did. However, he took his good old time to give him an answer.

Ron was so red in the face he was almost purple. He looked as though he had stopped breathing, and his hands wrung against each other. Yet, he remained eye contact, something that impressed Mr. Granger a lot. He wanted to laugh. Ron looked so worried. How could he think that he would ever deny him and his daughter that happiness? Finally, he opened his mouth.

“Well…it’s about time, my boy,” he beamed. “About time.”

Ron felt weak with happiness. “Really?”

The man smiled. “Really!”

“Thank you, sir!” Ron stammered happily. “Oh thank you so much, sir!”

“Now, do you have the ring?” Mr. Granger boomed joyfully.

Ron blushed. “No yet, sir. I…I’m not exactly rich, you see…and…well, I’m not poor either. I will be able to support her. It’s just that…I can get her a ring…soon. I hope. I just want it to be special. Plus, the actual wedding expenses…”

“Oh don’t be silly, my dear boy!” Mr. Granger cried. “We have an old tradition. The bride’s family pays for the wedding expenses.”

“Oh please, sir,” Ron blushed.

“Oh course, we’ll have to arrange it so that we can mix both worlds without the threat of giving anything away, but I’m sure we can make it all work!” Mr. Granger surveyed Ron for a moment looking inspired. “I wonder. Would you follow me, please?” he asked, heading upstairs. Ron, bewildered and happier than he had ever been, followed him. “There is something I want to give you…”

That’s all for now. Thank you all again for your sweet thoughts and prayers. I don’t deserve you at all! You’re too good to me! Thank you so much! I love you all. Ottery: *tackle glomps here Ottery* You’re the best. Te adoro, babe!


Love to all of you! And don't worry. I'll be back soon.

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