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Sorry about the delay. RL snatched my soul and I had to go on an expedition to get it back. I think I succeeded.

He was scaring me. Most of me knew that he wasn’t doing it on purpose, but the fact was… being trapped like this was bringing back memories I didn’t want to remember of the war. Memories I’d buried as I triumphed in Auror training and tried to prove that I was brave. I’m not brave.

"Where did you come from?" I tried to scrabble away from Nott in the dark. I wanted as much distance between the two of us as I could get. Granted, we were trapped in a hole together, and I had no idea how big the space was. I’d have much preferred him on the opposite side of the hole regardless. And how did he move so quietly? It was unnerving. As I crab walked away from him, I ran into the wall of rubble behind me, knocking rocks down around us. The light from the wand disappeared.

"Where do you...?" Nott cursed loudly in the dark, and I heard a soft thump and something like an “oomph.” All I could guess was that one of the falling rocks had hit Nott. It would be too much to hope that it had hit his head and knocked him out cold.

Definitely too much to ask… I sighed as I heard his voice again in the dark. "Perfect. Lumos," his voice held a note of desperation, and I wished that nothing would happen for both our sakes. Nothing did. I knew it was my fault, that I’d been jumpy and scared and ridiculous, causing the minor cave-in, but more than that… I really wanted Nott to go back to his side of the hole. If I just sat tight, maybe he’d take the hint. I breathed.

I had just settled into a calming stupor, when his voice broke into my thoughts. "No more sudden moves. Is your wand still buried?" he asked, his voice exasperated. I could almost smile at the situation if it weren’t dark and he weren’t… him.

"Why don't you try looking for your wand?" I cursed my voice for coming out all high pitched and nervous, and I plugged right away at making up for it. "My wand is clearly buried. Try looking for yours." There… no nonsense and calm. Logical and almost witty. Perfect.

"I did, but maybe you were too busy trying to cause more rocks to rain down on us to hear me." His scathing tone cut down any beliefs I might have had that I was at all clever and deserving of being rescued. If I were back at Hogwarts, I might be tempted to feel sorry for myself. I wasn’t, however, and I was also a fully trained Auror. I was… I was a grown up, darn it, and I deserved to be treated like it. Of course, my response to his constant poking and condescension was to act in the most mature manner I could muster.

"You're right. I'm trying to kill us. How did you guess my dastardly plan? And after I kill us, I'm going to force us to listen to old Celestina Warbeck albums until we die a second time. I'm truly evil."

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