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My body felt like it was one big bruise and all she could do was prattle on about me being a Death Eater. She had no idea. Why did people automatically assume that if you weren’t a ‘good guy’ you were a Death Eater? Couldn’t a guy just be a freelance dabbler in the Dark Arts? Did he have to be a toadie? "And what brought you to that conclusion, Miss I'm-not-a-fool-but-I-sure-am-acting-like-one," I sneered, though the effect was somewhat lost in the darkness.

"Fine... let's say that I know someone who hangs out with a bunch of members of... a garden club. His father is actually a famous gardener. When I come to his house, I find a trowel and a bag of manure." I could tell she had a big stupid grin on her face as the humor colored her voice, as if she had just made an irrefutable point. "What else can I suspect but that he's a gardener?"

“Clever,” I sighed, exasperated. "However, the difference between that analogy and this situation is that a trowel and manure are only used by gardeners. The Dark Arts aren't exclusive to Death Eaters,"

I stifled my laughter as my statement produced the desired effect: stunned silence. It was nice and peaceful in the pitch dark, though the true meaning of her earlier comment about us being stuck was starting to sink in. I was going to be stuck with this Hufflepuff until someone found us or she decided it would be a good time to try and use one of their wands. Then, she had to go and ruin the moment by talking again. Susan was quiet for a long time. "I'm bleeding," she offered in a small voice.

"Well good for you," I replied, irritated as I finally tried to move. I was sore all over but the worst of it was in my back. I must have slammed into the wall a lot harder than I thought. As I felt behind me, I found a few scattered pieces of the house. I had anticipated bumping up against a flat surface, not debris. Some self-serving Slytherin I turned out to be; I wonder if she still thought I was a Death Eater after saving her life. "I think you broke my back," I countered her remark.

I heard her shuffling around and before I knew it, I felt her leg brush against me. I leaned back against the wall, my knees up and my arms resting on them. I hoped she didn’t touch me again. I was dirty enough without getting her blood all over me, assuming it hadn’t got on me when I was rolling her to cover. "How could I have hurt you when you're the one who tackled me? I'm not the one who... what happened anyway?"

Merlin, she was annoying. She couldn’t leave well enough alone, she had to stick salt in my wounds, too. She was going to make me explain that I’d saved her life, wasn’t she? Crap. There goes my image. Well, at least it would make her Death Eater story a little less credible because I’ll admit having a basement full of dark objects wasn’t helping my case any. "They shook the box. Why in Merlin's name would they have shaken a box?" I asked her by way of an explanation. "And, for the record, if I hadn't tackled you, you would be crushed, dead."

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