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The world was dark. It was hot and dusty and smelled like metal… or maybe that was blood in my mouth? Mostly, though, it was just dark. I couldn’t express for the life of me how much I hurt, but I ached all over. My head pounded and my limbs were sore. My chest twinged every time I breathed, and I wondered briefly if I had a broken rib or three.

The oddest part, aside from the heat and the dark, was that whatever I was laying on was soft and a bit squishy. It seemed like ages that I lay there, wondering what had happened and what we all would do about it, when all of a sudden the world started to move again. I nearly gasped out loud before I realized I was on top of Nott and that he was in fact talking to me.

“You'd think that after you knocked down a house on me, you'd at least have the decency to remember my name?" Granted, I was a bit rude, but my eyes were watering from the pain in my ribs, and something wet was running into my eyes. Plus, I hated that I’d gone to school with a gaggle of people for seven years, and many of them didn’t know my name. They didn’t even pretend to know it.

I shook my head at my own ill humor and tried to roll off of him, but I couldn’t get any purchase. Shoving against his chest proved that there was something very wrong with my wrist, and I stifled a gasp of pain. Nott either thought I wasn’t a happy addition to his sweater or I was hurting him. Either way, he helped me off with a hard shove that did nothing to soothe my aching body. “I didn't knock the house down on you; your idiotic Auror friends did. Don't they teach you not to touch unknown objects in Auror training?” His voice made it abundantly clear how much he despised me.

In spite of myself, I grunted in pain as I hit the ground hard. “You know, I vaguely remember that lesson, but it was overshadowed by the ones on removing Dark Objects from the hands of Death Eaters.” I rubbed my rear end and stared up into the darkness, hoping for the slightest glimmer… any indication that the entire world wasn’t sitting on top of us right now.

Nott’s voice broke through the darkness, snapping me back to where we were. “You don't know I'm a Death Eater.” I ignored him, rolling over so I could grope along in the space to find an opening. Honestly… I was not stupid. Why did they always persist in making me out to be stupid?

Finally, the heavy silence between us could no longer be borne. “Of course you're a Death Eater, Mr. Nott. Regardless of what you think, I'm not a fool." I sat back on my knees and growled. "So... we're stuck.”
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