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Now they’d done it. By the time I yelled down, they had the box in their grubby hands and of course they wouldn’t heed my warnings. Idiots. As soon as they disturbed it, I knew what would happen. Bones was leaning, evidently to assist her fellow aurors but, there wasn’t time. Just before the earth began to shake I lunged forward, knocking into her from behind. I rolled with her until my back slammed into something solid and the house crashed down on top of us.

We were buried in the debris and I was stiff and sore from my reckless and I might add, selfless stunt to get myself and my former classmate to some modicum of safety. It wasn’t much but, the muggle steel-reinforced cubby my great grandfather built had held up when the rest of the house, enchanted as it was, fell. I’m glad no one had bothered to tell my father about this spot or he would have torn it up. I may not like interacting with muggles but, in this particular instance, I was glad for what little ingenuity they had.

I tried to move but the Hufflepuff had me pinned to the wall. I had no wand and with the whole house on top of us, there was no light to speak of. I wanted to see how much room we had and if we would be able to get out of this mess sometime soon. “Miss?”

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