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We're wondering if the format is easy to read. Since both are in first person... is it easy to tell who is talking?

The least the horrid man could do was stand still and let me guard him properly, but while I was busy staring at a large pile of something hairy looking, he started to move towards the group of Aurors. “Hey… hey,” I chased after him, trying to keep up. If I could, I would have planted myself in his way, but he had a head start on me.

“You can’t just… Nott! Nott, you need to stop, or they’ll just hurt you and then… oh, you idiot.” I groaned and doubled my pace, only to end up bouncing off of his back as he came to an abrupt stop. Opening my mouth to question him again, I caught sight of his face and closed my mouth with a snap. He looked scared or horrified or just generally very concerned about whatever he saw. I pushed around him and stared into the vault, just as Nott began to yell at the men inside.

His yelling didn’t effect me much, mostly because I couldn’t hear them over the insistent rumbling and snapping going on around us. “What did you do?” I grabbed Nott’s arm and tried to keep my feet, but it seemed that the ground was moving as well. The men standing in the vault dropped the box they’d been shaking and scrambled in our direction. I rolled up my sleeves to step forward in order to pull them from the hole, when something heavy and solid hit me from behind.
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