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The wizard left after he said whatever he had to say. She seemed excited by whatever it was. This girl was entirely too cheerful. I wasn’t surprised with her demeanor; she’d been one of those Puffs, after all. The horde must have made it into the basement, despite the wards and locks. I wasn’t stupid enough to keep dark objects in plain sight. They had always been stored in the basement and I’d made certain the worst of the stuff was hidden in a secret vault that I seriously doubt they’d ever find. At least, I assumed they found something since they suddenly required my presence and still kept possession of my wand.

I walked slightly ahead of the bouncy auror, my face blank as we moved through the lavish rooms until we came to the library. She gestured for me to continue ahead of her down the spiral staircase located behind a bookshelf which had been pulled out from the wall. Our shoes tapped in unison as the descended the wrought iron stairs and I could hear the voices of the aurors below.

I was accosted almost as soon as my foot touched the last step. Several objects were paraded in front of me as the auror questioned me. Except that it sounded more like a lecture with a few rhetorical questions tossed in to make it sound like an interrogation. “Do you realize what this is and what it could do? If this ever fell into the hands of muggles…” and on it went. I was given nothing to actually respond to.

When the auror did finally get around to asking something constructive he was interrupted by a few shouts. He signaled to the young witch behind me to keep watch before sweeping off to join his colleagues. When I noticed what direction he was heading and heard someone mention hitting ‘pay dirt’ I started forward, ignoring Bones’ (that’s right, I’d almost forgotten her name) protests that I was to stay put. I rounded the corner with Bones at my heels, surprised she hadn’t tried to hex me, and stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw, looking down through the open vault trapdoor. I shouted down to them, “No, don’t touch that!” But, it was too late…

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