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Iíve been living off my familyís estate every since I left Hogwarts. Having a convicted felon for a father was less than helpful in securing any sort of position in a worthwhile profession. Shop work is beneath a wizard of my parentage.

It wasnít long before the Death Eaters came to call at the manor. I told them I never understood why my father had attached himself to a group the way he had and that I would be a hippogryffís mother before I allowed myself to be branded. Malfoy should have told them as much before they went through all the trouble of knocking on my door and trying to woo me. I donít need to follow in my fatherís footsteps, thank you very much. Besides, I donít need to torture and kill mudbloods and muggles to prove Iím superior.

Despite my own views, I am the son of a Death Eater so; I donít know why it surprised me when one day, several months after the defeat of You-Know-Who, a contingent of aurors came to the manor with a search warrant. They were polite enough, asking permission to enter and allowing me to read their documents before they pushed their way into the house. I was forced to hand over my wand after they locked me in my own parlor with one of my former classmates.

I sat in one of the elegant leather reading chairs, my arms resting on the arm rests and an ankle propped on my knee. I sighed and drummed my fingers on the wood end of the armrest while waiting for the aurors to finish their raid. One of them came in briefly and whispered something to young witch they left to guard me. Apparently they didnít think I was much of a threat. So what were they doing here?

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