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All Fall Down Chapter Guide

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Chapter 21 - Susan

This FF is going to be set up a bit differently than most, as it is written by two authors. We will alternate posting... from two different perspectives. Have fun!


The first day I showed up for Auror training, we spent at least fifteen minutes arguing about whether or not I was in the wrong place. One trainer actually patted my shoulder as she suggested I might have struck my head in the lift. Smug Potter just stood there and smirked as they offered to help me find a nice Herbology lab, the loo, and even a pleasant Mediwizard to give me the once over. Just as I was about to reach the point where all my fine hexing skills were displayed, Potter stepped forward and vouched for me.

It stings more than I can say that for all my words, it took only a nod from Harry Potter to let me join the group. Still… I did join, and I didn’t kill or maim anyone that first day. In fact, I managed to make it all the way through the training without making a complete fool of myself. Impressive, especially for a Hufflepuff. Don’t get me wrong… I’m proud to be a Hufflepuff, but I know our reputation. I’ve heard that we’re complete duffers, the people who weren’t interesting enough to make it into any other house. We lost three Gryffindors in the first month of training… not too bad for a duffer.

I feel that maybe I’m getting away from myself. Ernie always said I had a habit of taking a mid-conversation tangent, but I always assumed that bothered him because it meant less time to hear himself talk. I love Ernie, but the boy loves to talk. Again… I digress. I didn’t actually want to be an Auror when I was at Hogwarts. I wanted to go into the Ministry, maybe start as my Auntie’s assistant until I figured out what really interested me. And then Auntie was… well, she was killed by the Dark Lord.

That whole year after she died, when people were disappearing and Hannah’s mum died and it felt like the world couldn’t be more dark, all I thought about was the fact that my Auntie had known she was in danger. She knew that since she stood for what was good and right in the world, people would want to silence her. She was a fighter, and I wanted to take after her in more ways than my name. I wanted to be a fighter too. Bloody shame that Potter killed the Dark Lord before I could finish my training.

Somehow, that left this intimate group of well-trained Aurors to do a lot of cleaning up. We’ve done a couple of odd jobs in organizing all the old Death Eaters and sending them off to the newly renovated Azkaban, but mostly we plan and then plan some more. I didn’t plan on a life of excitement, but this… this is boring. Signing up for saving the world shouldn’t involve me standing guard over Theodore Nott while we rummage through his basement.

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