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Default What is the cheesiest scene from the movies?

I love the Hp movies, don't get me wrong, but there are some scenes I cringe at because they are a little too cheddar for my tastes. In a way, they're kind of funny too because they are so cheeiliscious. Here are some of my cheesy hp movie scenes:

The end of the POA because the plotline was so messed around with and when the movie ended it was kind of embarassing to hear these 10 year olds say," That was soooo was just like how I pictured!" I don't think they had read the book.

And Trelawney's crazy psycho scene. A bit too wannabe--suspenceful for my taste. You know when her voice is all raspy like she's gargling poop or something.

And thirdly the exaggeration of Ron and Hermione's playing-hard-to-get relationship. We all know they like each other. Case Closed. Stop pushing it.

Well, I posted mine. How about yours? Just remember respesct the opinion of others. You'll laugh,though. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can point out the funny in a cheesy way scenes.
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