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Default This is the intense part...thought you should know. LOVE YOU!
Fan Fic Queen

Everyone turned to look at Hermione. Her eyes were alight with glistening tears as she looked at Draco. He looked back. "Don't do this!" she said pleadingly as her eyes rained. "Don't! We don't want to lose another student. It's not too late!"

Avery pointed his wand at Hermione. "Shut your mouth, Mudblood!" Elizabeth, who had been staring at Hermione in wonder, gasped at the insult.

"Stop Avery!" Bellatrix commanded. "Let her speak. Go on, Mudblood. Tell us. It's not too late is it?"

Hermione ignored her and looked at Draco who looked right back. "You have everything!" she insisted.

"Oh shut up Granger!" Malfoy hissed at her. "I've got to do this! I have to or they'll kill me. Being made of flesh and blood like every one else, I'm limited. So forgive me, but I don't..."

"You have everything!" Hermione repeated loudly. He stared at her. "You have tons of money! You're rich! You're handsome! YOu could get any girl you want, and you have a great one right in front of you! You're fairly smart! You could make something out of your life! You have everything! You say you are made of flesh and blood. You have everything. Everything except a heart. WIthout it, you may just as well be made of bronze."

Draco continued to glare at her, tears welling up. "YOU'RE WRONG MISS!" Elizabeth said to her in her airy, feminine voice. "Draco had got a heart. He's wonderful. He is the only one for me. He told me he would die for me if he had to. He's a good person. He's so unselfish."

It took everything in Harry and Ron not to laugh. Malfoy, King of Slytherin, unselfish?

"Look at her, Malfoy!" Hermione demanded. He did so with his moist, gray eyes. "Look at her! She's your everything! You told me so yourself!"

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!" Avery grumbled. "Kill her and be done with it already!"

"I don't know if I can," Draco said to him, his eyes on his Elizabeth.

"Oh you can," Avery laughed harshly. "And you will. You will or we'll kill you. It's that simple."

Draco's eyes filled with anger, fear and despair. With angry tears, he looked around. "I HATE YOU ALL!" he hissed at the Death Eaters. "I HATE YOU, POTTER! YOU AND WEASELBY AND GRANGER! I HATE YOU ALL! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" He wept angrily, raising his wand.

"NO! Draco, please!" Elizabeth cowered.

"NO!" Hermione wailed.

"I...I loved you, Elizabeth," he spat at her. They all knew he regretted allowing himself to be emotionally attached to anyone...especially when he had come to love someone. "I loved you. I hate you for it. I hate myself for it. I would have married you, dam myself."

"I love you too!" she screamed through her own tears. "Don't do this!"

"I have to!" Draco cried through gritted teeth, hating her. "There's no other way." He continued to raise his wand. They all looked on in confusion as he stopped his arm when the wood was near his own head. What was he doing?

"He's barking," Ron siad in an oddly awed voice.

Hermione gasped in comprehension. But it was too late. With tears in his eyes as he sobbed like a baby, he whispered, "I hate you," to his love and his enemies. Draco Malfoy raised his wand, put his wand to his temple and shouted, "AVADA KEDAVARA!"

That's all for now. I'll come back later and reply to you. There's a few I need to respond to...

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