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"I understand that with loves comes pain, but why did I have to love so much?"

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life"
~Federico Fellini

"Well, that was very touching," Dolohov mocked. "Wormtail?" The traitor took his eyes off of Hermione and glanced over at Dolohov with an odd expression. Dolohov gave him a twisted, nasty smile. "Get rid of her."

"NO!" Harry and company shouted. "HERMIONE!"

But the girl was too distraught to be concerned. She merely stared at her mother's motionless body. Wormtail trembled visibly, raising his wand up to Hermione's level. Mr. Granger, who had watched from a distance, cried out in warning, but was too weak from starvation to really do much else. Hermione looked up, her face white, her eyes red. She hiccoughed and stared blankly at Wormtail with sad eyes. He stood there and watched her, shaking and whimpering, his wand still raised. Hermione took a deep breath, shaking her head, closed her eyes and turned away once more.

"So this is what it's come to?" she whispered emotionlessly. "Very well. Do it then. It seems that's all you're good for." But Wormtail didn't move. He continued to sob at her like a frightened child, pathetically trying to muster up some courage. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and half scoffed. "It's a wonder how you even got placed in Gryffindor."

"Wormtail!" Dolohov said dangerously, trying not to awaken the child in his arms. "I said get rid of her!" But Pettigrew remained immobile, staring at Hermione.

Kingsley took the opportunity to raise his own wand steadily as Tonks slowly inched her way towards the Portkey. Both adults were perplexed. It had taken a bad turn. But the others remained still, keeping one eye on the baby, the other on Hermione.

"Wormtail!" Dolohov said again, his steady voice now shaking in anger. "What's the matter with you, you blither? Kill her! She's a Mudblood! A filthy Mudblood! The world is well rid of her. Just do it!"

Harry tightened his grip around his wand feeling extremely tense. Ron's knuckles, he noticed, were white as he clutched his wand so tightly, it would likely snap in two soon. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head, they were so wide. And he was shaking...with fury and fear. But Wormtail's eyes, also wide with fear, dropped his wand and backed away from Hermione, staring at his silver hand in horror.

"What am I d-d-doing?" he squeaked.

"What are you doing?" Dolohov demanded in a hiss.

Wormtail fell onto his knees and faced Dolohov, trembling and weeping pathetically. "I c-c-can't. I j-j-just can-n't-t!"

"Why not?" Dolohov said, now beginning to lose his calm air.

"I-I-I..." Wormtail stammered, now gasping in a panic attack. "I d-d-don't want anymore...C-c-can't-t you s-s-s-see wh-what's going on-n-n here? H-haven-n't I k-k-killed enough-gh p-p-people for you and...and...and...and...him?"

"You little...You spineless, pansy, little nobody!" Dolohov cursed. "I knew you didn't have it in you. I knew recruiting you was a mistake...I knew"

"Sh-sh-she's r-right about-t me-e," Wormtail stammered, pointing at Hermione with a shaking finger. "I wa-wa-was p-put in-n G-G-Gryff-ff-indor for a r-r-reason. Bu-bu-but Li-Lily and J-J-James-s! I-I-I w-wa-was j-ju-just sc-sc-scared...I..."

But Dolohov did care to hear the rest of Wormtail's explanation of what he was. He simply raised his own wand and pointed it at Wormtail, his eyes burning a whole through Pettigrew's morale. "I knew you were a mistake. I've had enough. Goodbye, Peter Pettigrew."

Harry opened his mouth to call out to Hermione, but he was interrupted as Dolohov stated, "Avada Kedavara!" A flash of green light that had always chilled Harry's spine, a gasp of a surprised weeping, and a distinct 'thud' was heard as Wormtail's dead body hit the ground, his face in the grass, close to Hermione. Mr. Granger, weak and stunned, fainted as his daughter screamed, horrified. She had never see someone die in front of her before

Tonks took her chance at the destraction to sprint off toward the Portkey. Unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed. A large, gumpy-looking Death Eater among the circle spotted her. He raised his long wand and shouted out the Killing Curse, sending another flash of green light at her.

"TONKS!" Kingsley shouted. He had been the only one to notice what was going on. He ran at top speed towards her and pushed her out of the way. Tonks went flying, hitting the side of her head on a large gravestone, knocking her unconscious, but keeping her alive. Kingsley missed the light by a mere inch, diving behind a grave as a dozen gravestones next to him exploded into a million pebbles. The calm circle was no more. Death Eaters began to attack, and the commotion woke up Rosie.

Dolohov screamed orders at the army of Death Eaters as Rosie opened her eyes. The sight of the strange, mean-looking man frightened her. Her safety was gone. She didn't have that comfort anymore. The frightened child began to cry in agony, trying to find her mother or father, or someone she knew.

The others had scattered with the Death Eaters. But Fred turned back. "ROSIE!" he yelled, running back toward Dolohov. But he halted as the chief Death Eater raised his wand, sticking it to the child's head.

"Don't move," Dolohov warned as Fred came to a halt. "If you want her to live, don't move a muscle. And why are you smirking at me?"

Fred shrugged at him, remaining immobile. Just because he had never finished school, didn't mean he didn't know anything. He knew what he needed to know..some things, he perfected thanks to Harry's help in the D.A. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard on his baby sister's lovely face and muttered, "Accio Rosie Weasley!"

Dolohov gave a cry of surprise as Rosie shot out of his lax hands over into Fred's awaiting arms. Rosie, upon flying with no support, wailed with fright, but Fred caught her safely. She continued to carry on, but Fred could not console her with a formula-producing pacifier, a Weasley's Wizard Wheezes specialty. He anticipated a retalliation from the man, a fatal one, on both of them. He positioned Rosie so that he could aim his wand accurately.

He would have to remember to congratulate himself, George and Lee later for their genius later. Buisness was booming, but they didn't limit their talents to products. They had been experimenting with spells, jinxes and curses. When he got a good aim, he shouted, "SILENCIO ETERNO!" Dolohov had opened his mouth, yet no sound came out. Instead, he clutched his throat, but it was no use. Escaping his mouth was a flesh colored, box-like organ. It vibrated violently before it exploded into nothing. Dolohov looked at Fred in horror, trying desperately to make a noise. He realized the terrible truth. The spell had just destroyed his voicebox. He would never talk again.

It was not ordinary spell. It was a curse concocted by the Weasley twins. They invented it one day after much studying. They used a frog as their guinea pig, and it had had the same effect. They had never anticipated using it, for it was too permanent, and there was no countercurse. They were never tempted to use it or report it to the Ministry, who kept record of new spells...well, okay so when Percy got into the shower they had been tempted, but otherwise, they were not.
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