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Conley felt twitchy. Like his suit was filled with little crawling bugs. He hadn’t been sleeping and this time it wasn’t his insomnia causing the problems. It was the fact that he felt like he was constantly being followed and watched. Even as he walked into the lobby of DIMC, he still felt like eyes were trailing his every move. As he walked up to the reception desk, he fought the urge to look around him. Sachin had told him he was being silly. He wanted desperately to believe he was, that it was all in his head. A by-product of stress.

Only Conley wasn’t so sure it was a by-product of stress. He was so convinced it wasn’t, he had started keeping his wand in a quick draw hostler on his forearm. He hadn’t worn one of those since he had stopped investigating dark magic artifacts and black market trades and had had to dig it out of the back of a closet.

He glanced around the office. It was quiet. Perhaps a bit too quiet and it did absolutely nothing to help with his nerves. ”Wallace,” Conley called out, shifting the files he had under his arm so he could take off his jacket. ”Have you seen the French and Indian Ambassadors?” The light in his office was off, so it was a safe bet that they weren’t in there waiting for him. ”They both said they were stopping by this morning…” Both said they’d be in early and well, Conley was running late.
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