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To say that he was disappointed in the sluggish movements of the Hogwarts students was an understatement. He could lead a hippogriff to water, but he could not force the hippogriff to drink. Well, not without the assistance of Dark magic and that practice was frowned upon. Though when movement finally began, Mathys set to pulling some supplies from the mokeskin sack tied around one of his belt loops. The first items to come out were harnesses, not unlike those students may have seen fashioned for dragons, for each of the gargoyles which he then arranged in a large circular manner in the space. Levitating these slightly off the grass, the professor next pulled sturdy looking bathing troughs and small buckets containing wire brushes which were then enchanted one to settle beside each harness. Standing in the middle of it all, he gave the scene a nod of approval before pulling one last item from the bag: a very large slap of honeycomb on an ornate dish.

...the later certainly perked the gargoyles attention as they all rose to their feet and gathered around him like dogs waiting for treats. Some even had their tails wagging.

"Encore un peu de patience, mes amis," he cooed with a smile as he made sure the honeycomb remained out of reach from there tongues. This was particularly tricky for those who had more reptilian features in their faces. "Once you are dressed, please return ovair here and we will continue." He pointedly bopped the nose of Ogott as the gargoyle pressed its great paws to the man's waist to balance itself on its hindquarters in attempt to reach the honeycomb. "Zat's bettair. Now, as you can see zese gargoyles have quite ze liking for honeycomb. We will be using ziss to our advantage today. I trust you all can see ze harnesses spread out about ze area, oui? Een your groups you will select a harness and smear a beet of honeycomb along ze bit. Ziss will help keep your gargoyle preoccupied and content while you lead eet back to ze bathing troughs where anothair een your team should be filleeng eet with watair by useeng Aguamenti ahnd heat ze watair to a gentle boil useeng Chaudensis." He paused a moment to do a quick head count. Ideally, he would like two or three students to be on luring the gargoyle into the harness and then back to the trough. "You will need to get your gargoyle to soak een zeir boileeng bath for five minutes befare you can begin scrubbing zem...but we will get to zat when we get zere."

If they got there. It could be very difficult getting gargoyles into their harnesses even with the aid of honeycomb and sometimes even more difficult to get them into the trough. Some did have terribly stubby legs.

"If zeir are no clarification questions, you may begin," he tore a bit of honeycomb off from the block and held it in his palm. Smiling rather paternally as he did, Mathys lowered his palm to be level with the gargoyles who wasted no time in lapping and licking at the block. "Quickly now, came tear off a piece of honeycomb while I have zem all properly distracted."
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