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Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
He didn't know why she was so pleased with herself over that, but at least she agreed to the bet. "Sounds fair. The winner will decide, but also the winner should honor the betting scheme and not drag on when the loser sings because that's just disgraceful." He liked making up rules for things. He barely had anyone he bossed around and forced game rules on.

He had a mirror, yes, but he didn't carry a compact mirror. Although maybe he should...

"Elves don't have silver eyes and hair. Elves are small, big ears and kinda ugly." There go his judgemental tendencies. Okay, but he was totally right about everything else. He did not enjoy being called an elf full stop. "Really? That fast, huh?" Everything went to normal by now, his eyes and hair. He looked down at the tally sheet and traced what she wrote in his hand. "Nice." An accidental compliment to her work. "I mean, what a nice phenomenon." Ahem. "I think we've reached a good amount of information for one day." He was eager to find out who wins the bet, ya know.
Okay, okay, so many rules! "That's fine," Bernie agreed with a stiff nod. No more rules, plz, just... no moar. "Let's shake on it." She held her dainty hand out for him to seal the deal.

Wait, what? "Do you mean house elves?" She had read about those, but hadn't met any yet, so she kinda didn't believe they were real. "What about the other elves, that like, work at the North Pole, and the ones that live in the forest and make shoes, and some that like, help Hobbitts on their journey..." You know, the PRETTY elves. THOSE ones had silver hair! She was sure of it! She wasn't trying to hurt his feelings, honest. She was just convinced that elves were awesome.

But back to Ilya-the-non-elf. "Anyway, yes. You should take this parchment to the Transfiguration teacher. He'll understand it." Totally. She was a great scorekeeper and all that, so she shoved it into his hand. "Yeah yeah, so, back to the bet." Bernadette was totally on the same page as Ilya. "Are we going to go spy on the Headman or what?" Ilya's hair and eyes were important and whatnot, but c'mon. A SPY MISSION?! Way cooler.
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