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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post

"HA," Bernie squawked at that. That was all. She couldn't help being sassy; Ilya brought out the worst in her! Of course, OF COURSE, he WOULD pick a song routine. Bernadette sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes, but she did agree to the bet, and she couldn't change her mind now. "Fine. But the winner gets to choose WHEN the loser's breakout song happens." Like, the winner could make the loser sing and interrupt Care of Magical Creatures, so the French professor would dock points from the loser. Heh. It was a brilliant addendum, if she did say so herself.

LOOK, his eyes changed AGAIN! Bernie marked that one down for him, adding an underline here and there, wiggling in her seat excitedly, and grinning even though she'd been shushed. She was friends with an elf, an elf, an ELF! Ehehehe. "You need a mirror," the first-year declared. Of course she didn't have one in her bag, but he might've. "Your hair and eyes went SILVER, like an elf," or so she pictured, "and then when I cheered, you were ALARMED, and your eyes went DARK BROWN." See? She showed him her paper of tally marks.

He didn't know why she was so pleased with herself over that, but at least she agreed to the bet. "Sounds fair. The winner will decide, but also the winner should honor the betting scheme and not drag on when the loser sings because that's just disgraceful." He liked making up rules for things. He barely had anyone he bossed around and forced game rules on.

He had a mirror, yes, but he didn't carry a compact mirror. Although maybe he should...

"Elves don't have silver eyes and hair. Elves are small, big ears and kinda ugly." There go his judgemental tendencies. Okay, but he was totally right about everything else. He did not enjoy being called an elf full stop. "Really? That fast, huh?" Everything went to normal by now, his eyes and hair. He looked down at the tally sheet and traced what she wrote in his hand. "Nice." An accidental compliment to her work. "I mean, what a nice phenomenon." Ahem. "I think we've reached a good amount of information for one day." He was eager to find out who wins the bet, ya know.
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