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There might have been a hint of pride in Noble’s eyes as the young Gryffindor spoke. Phoebe had clearly taken her recent classes to heart. Checking their wands was a worthy suggestion, as was generally looking for clues. And whilst Eiji might have forgotten truth serum was fallible, Noble believed the boy when he said they hadn’t done it.

Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat,” Noble replied to the Headmistress in Latin, arms resting behind his back as he strode further into the room to inspect the evidence. “’The burden of proof is on the one who alleges, not upon the one who denies’…otherwise translated as innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.” As Chloe had already mention.

His brow furrowed as he considered the accusations further. “It is all too easy to mistake or misinterpret what one has seen…as evidenced by the two directly conflicting accounts we already have. That is doubt enough.” A piece of streamer stuck to a shoe was hardly decisive evidence, and even if it was, that suggested that a potential perpetrator, whilst perhaps being a Hogwarts student, was currently not in this room. “And how do you explain a first year doing this much damage without a wand on her?” Or was the French Headmistress planning to conveniently overlook that point?

Noble pursed his lips a moment, before adding a further point. “That is nothing to say about the complete lack of motive, of course.” Out of all the people in the room, it was probably fair to say he himself was one of the ones looking forward to the ball the least. Noble still considered it a terrible decision to host such an event on Valentine’s Day of all days.

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