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SPOILER!!: Frankie
Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
Did someone say all-you-can-eat dessert buffet? Frankie didn't need to be told twice! With a newborn at home in addition to the other mini-him and Hadleigh's running about, the blond was not one to pass up food ... or a nap ... or something that would give him an adrenaline rush for a few hours. But food was a priority right now for the Auror, so the buffet was his first stop.

Within a matter of minutes, he had a full plate of just desserts at hand. He then meandered over to the seating area and looked around for any familiar faces, unashamedly sneaking a bit or two of a random dessert item from his plate. He of course recognised Minister Hollingberry and Professor Department Head Flamsteed, but then Emilia came into his line of vision. Frankie honestly couldn't say he knew her all that well, but they were in the same division and that was reason enough for to him to take a vacant seat next to her.

"Pretty impressive shindig they've set up this year, isn't it?" he commented, setting the dessert plate on the table and unashamedly taking a plate containing non-dessert food from a server (he could already hear Hady scolding him in his mind for even considering eating dessert first). After popping some food into his mouth, he then asked the YATI, "How was your holiday?"

"It's something," Emilia commented with a smile, looking around the room at the decor. They really had gone all out, hadn't they? "The Minister must be happy with the way it turned out." These things took quite some time to plan, she was sure, and the result this time around was elegant and inviting.

The food smelled amazing, and though she was tempted to do as her colleague had done and get dessert before dinner, the server arriving made the decision for her. Probably healthier that way, too. She was back on her training schedule and that meant clean eating after tonight. Best to ease herself into that. "It was nice being home. My dad and I are close, so it was good to catch up with him and spend some time together." She'd gotten quality time with mum, too, but her father traveled for work, so she couldn't always count on him being available for mirror calls and letters like she could with her mother. "How was yours?"

Spotting Alexa as she took a bite of her food, she offered the department head a return nod of the head in greeting.

Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Adam was sporting a new look. A fresh emerald green suit (with a pair of socks that matched), and big black horned-rimmed glasses with lenses like coke-bottles. He would have rather not worn them, as they gave him an immense headache, but the healers had insisted he had to give himself time to adjust. So here he was, alone, looking like a giant bug. He patted his inner jacket pocket where his support cane was stashed just in case he needed it.

He had mentioned the event to Zita, but after last year’s bowling fiasco, he would be very, very surprised if she came. There was also the fact that he didn’t know if they were dating or just friends or what. Every time he tried to discuss it, something seemed to prevent them from discussing it further. He had a feeling she was over him, if she had even ever been interested in the first. But he wasn’t exactly sorry that he wasn’t the type to jump into things. No, Adam hadn’t even realized he liked her that way until a month or two ago.

So solo, and extremely hard of seeing, Adam ventured into the Atrium. He just hoped the night wouldn’t end with him covered in pudding.

He had kept to the outsides of the room, as they were less cluttered looking and had headed towards a table. Because surely a table would have food or drinks on it, right? Only as he neared, he didn’t smell anything food or drink related. Adam pulled the big coke bottle glasses off his face and rubbed at his eyes for a moment as he fought with the frustration that was trying to overtake him. He was finding that he was more often getting frustrated and depressed and he knew he needed to fight the feelings. His eyesight would come back, at least to a functioning level. He had to keep telling himself that.

He put his glasses back on and noticed a young lady nearby. ”Excuze me, can vou point me tovards zee food table?” he asked in his heavy German accent.

Oh my, those glasses were something. Mariana watched as the man's expression changed from that of confusion to frustration and she felt quite bad, wondering what he'd expected to find. She would've moved towards him to help if he hadn't approached, truth be told, and she was happy to assist.

"I'm afraid that's on the other side of the room. It looks like the actual meal is being served to everyone at the round tables, and there seems to be a dessert buffet if you'd like to help yourself to any of that." She eyed him for a moment, wondering if that had been too much information. "Just past the dance floor and you'll find what you're looking for."
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